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His Agenda - not mine... From: maryann 25 Feb 2012 (07:08)
Thanks June for your input! sometimes i can get a little \"scared\" when i write, that people might misunderstand what i write, cause even though i was brought up \"English\" im not English, and then i might sometimes write things with a Norwegian mindset although my mind works in English
Yesterday, i also did something on God s agenda, ...went to Holy Communion in my English church in the morning....lovely meeting, and we always have a nice cup of coffee/tea afterwards....and talked to a lovely old lady (80) who had not been feeling well for some time.... had a little prayer for her as well...she was so pleased and she blessed me as well....not big things - but blessed and def. on God s agenda. In the afternoon i went to look at a flat..i had prayed that God would tell me at once if it wasnt for me, and it was no problem, it was not for me, but the lovely young lady showing me was so sweet, she will show me more another time.......she told me a whole lot about herself...i gave her a christian bookmark with \"For God so loved the world\"....she just loved it and was thrilled......takes so little to bless someone.........After that i was so tired and thought id just drop the Bible study in the Scand.church at 6 and drive back home... i drove through town where the church was and i prayed that if there was a parking space id go to church.......i was very uncertain what to do...there was a space. so i knew i was to go.....and SO glad i did...we are not many, but we are always blessed, the people are so open.......a couple i hadnt seen for a long time, where there, and they were so pleased to see me, her husband had been healed from pain the other day (he had a broken rib) and that was after an input i had in a prayer group we have on F.Book....she was so happy....and the meeting was lovely.......GOD is up to something THESE DAYS when we are \"tuned in\" to HIS agenda, thats for sure!!!! we will see HIS manifestations, when we act on HIS Word, but we have to push ourselves sometimes, to be obedient, its often tempting to just let go and not do anything......

Congratulations June on your 40th year (?) wow! thats just wonderful, im sure Our LORD is going to give you many more, BUT like i say to some, (some preachers say that we all have to die sometime), I say, no, in this time, we might not all die, cause many of us will be \"caught up\" in the rapture...since we are living in that generation who has seen the land of -Israel being set free.., and \"THAT generation will see the coming of The Lord\" .....
Have a blessed day and may HE fulfill ALL your dreams!!! shalom and love!

agenda and disciples  From: June Ritchie 26 Feb 2012 (12:55)
Bless you MaryAnn! all your postings are very relevant and I just know you will find the flat God wants for you soon. All you placed on this account proves that if we move on according to Gods agenda we are blessed and used by Him.
True loyalty shows and begets dividends too! He sent you to Benidorm for purposes known best to himself and as you follow Himn daily He will reveal by the Holy Ghost all He wants from you. The key is obedience and you are showing that by your life. Theres nothing of division and disunity in God\'s agenda, we are called to build up the church wherever we are, with whatever talents He has given us rather than knock it down in any way. To exhort in the Holy Ghost brings forth a good harvest. Sowing seeds just as you are will continue to bring forth the harvest you long for. It should be the one goal we all have! To sow seeds of Righteousness and holiness by the word of God. If we are faithful to that he will be faithful to us in every way. Bless you Junexx

His Will  From: David Dawson 01 Mar 2012 (07:50)
thats great stuff MA, everybody things being a Christian is to have some form of platform ministry with goose bumps and gold dust fluttering around and a special double emanating halo [if you believe that sort of stuff re; halo] to be a faithful Christian. .Jesus said to his boys come follow me, where? in the highways and byways of life, every single day of our life were a witness even unknowingly if we have Christ\'s righteousness and Grace within us.
yes there is times when we are placed on a platform, can you imagine 40million believers wanting to stand on at the same time, ridiculous thought, even Corinthians say those who just do the simpliest thing are as highly ranked as the Christian hierarchy. I have an opportunity to do both but give me the street work, meeting people, encouraging and being encouraged as you said MA.
Being discipled in a american church for few years, one old evangelist said most of you have heard the same adage...KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. ps this is not personal its what the Lord was telling me not to be something that i\'m not, but be myself a new creation in Christ Jesus