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FORUM > Listening to God > listn. to God - His agenda or my agenda?

listn. to God - His agenda or my agenda? From: maryann 22 Feb 2012 (10:15)
Some thoughts about ALL the things we \"think\" we do for God.....? , is it always His agenda or is it my own agenda? - How can we know???

First of all i want to mention the Words Jesus uses when we are on His agenda ...\"He will supply all our needs.....\" He will prosper you.... That is, when we are on HIS assignment, doing what The Holy Spirit tells us to do, and we really believe it is from GOD, HE will manifest it to us in that we see HIS WORD being fulfilled according to these purposes...HE cannot lie....SO many times when things just dont work out and we are struggeling all the time to make it work, i guess we better just get back to The Mercy Seat and ask God if we are really doing the right thing........ps! its never too late to turn around, its never too late to humble yourself...one moment in His presence is better than all other days without.......HE gives Wisdom........

God is not impressed by anyone of us , but HE most certainly is very pleased with us when we obey Him and stretch out for the things \"unseen\".
We must be very happy for the new life He has given us, a life with meaning, focus and purpose! And He has many things for us on His agenda- not our own agenda.........We are created for His purpose, to please Him, thats the whole meaning of life - to walk by faith and not by sight , to walk in His love, when we truly walk in His love , we will draw people to us, they will see that special light that the world does not have...Many times, when we have been with The Lord, for many years we often get spiritually blinded, and forget to see that special light flowing from Him and that we are suppose to illuminate that light. Only spending time in His presence can fill us with this light, flowing from the mercy seat of God!

Some christians complain a lot...everything is wrong and they see faults in others, think they have too much to do, get agitated, angry, dont love people, dont want to be bothered........maybe theyre not walking in God s agenda but own???
You dont live by \"feelings\" you live by God s spirit ! The Holy Spirit will teach us all things it says........is nt that wonderful ? when we are walking close to God , He teaches us all things...the spirit of truth , and we dont have to get confused by \"Tom, Dick or Harry\" who are all teaching things differently! not even what åeople call \"the best Bible teachers\" (cause even they dont always agree) .

When the devil knows we are really diligently seeking God and are bondservants, ahhhh...thats when he lie s at the corners trying to dart in and attack us when the possibilty comes.......he is so mad.......SO we must always be alert to what The Holy Spirit is saying in every minus situation....

....Joyce Meier often says. we \"talk the talk\" but we dont \"walk the walk\" - soulish christians.......thats when we are more occupied with others than our own walk...we listen to gossip, go in on chr.websides that just slander other christian preachers etc...(do these people think they are better), jealousy and envy are often the reason behind these people producing such stuff! self-willed.......BUT We as good christians should leave all this rubbish and stop behaving like children 1 Cor ...\"When i was a child...........

Personally i have discovered that these christian websides that slander just about everybody else than themselves, are very destructive...they only give ugly news about people, gossip and slander...i checked a webside once that was supposed to tell you about false preachers etc...i discovered that they didnt have anything good to say about anybody...and i discovered that the spirit they breathed was not good......This is not God s work, for sure. HE does not want us to be occupied with these websides......and the pastors who are slandered are often people who are just carrying out God s assignment and they never waste there time on rubbish like this! SO , away with all these \"slanderers\" who think they are so religiously correct themselves! LET us be filled with God s Spirit and walk in LOVE!

Good input Mary Ann I enjoyed it  From: June Ritchie 22 Feb 2012 (17:39)
it found an echo in my own heart for sometimes its tough to walk in love.
How to get rid of being on the defensive when got at? thats a difficult question and after forty years still not reached the goal fully yet.
Well the truth is if we love Jesus in truth we are in the position of trying to reach the goal? TO BE LIKE HIM> Time shortening so must get nearer to it even yet. please pray for me. Isnt it lovely really that we dont have to defend ourselves for God does it for us in the way He decides. love Junex

Agenda  From: June Ritchie 24 Feb 2012 (10:12)
well MaryAnn in this place of re-considering your\' forum word this morning and the word agenda seems important today. A happening this morning shows me that God\'s agenda is often so different to our own and if we are not careful we miss it and also sadly miss out on it altogether. There can be such blessings when we follow God\'s agenda. A new enriching process within, a new sense of fruitfulness? Both so important to our spiritual welfare.!
When we follow our own agenda there is a lost feeling inside, an emptiness that will not be filled in any other way than by surrenedering our way up to God.
I am so glad He has given us a guidebook to fully show us the way how aren\'t you?
When I was a young teenager I used to read an old bible to my blind auntie in the next street,( it was given to me by a kind schoolteacher years before)
But I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus at that time and it would be years after that! I know now that even then God had an agenda for my life.
I hold the memory of what I did then and see that I did something that pleased God without knowing . I only know it made me feel good. Why shouldn\'t it when I was in truth following his agenda even without knowing. What a blessing God\'s agenda is. Our agenda then is to do one another good so thanks for this input you did for us. Junex