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FORUM > Listening to God > love overcomes, but are you ready

love overcomes, but are you ready From: David Dawson 19 Feb 2012 (02:52)

It has been interesting to read other folks understandings, feelings and quotes from respected authors about pre/post tribulation.
Christians who really love the Lord and is Spirit led to understand His Precious Word in this case Romans 14; should not be offended when someone brings forth a doctrine, revelation or understanding which is different from there own so long its within the periphery of the Bible. Love overcomes,

Looking at Matt 25v1-13.
There is a more important and fundamental issue that urgently needs to be addressed whether your a pre/post tribulationists. Although the scriptures I\'m referring to is not totally contextual but I\'m going to express a simple point. Are we ready, are you ready,
is your lamp trimmed, are you covered by the Blood, Are we watching, are you watching. Are we reaching out!
One thing for sure Jesus is on His Way for His church

Agreed dave  From: June Ritchie 19 Feb 2012 (10:25)
It\'s important above all things to be ready realising that jesus can come back at any time if we read the signs right. So yes to watch and pray. and not to be found asleep or messing with all the pleasures of this life. To want to be in a position where if He comes back tomorrow there will be no guilt and no shame but to be able to receive Him in welcome as a joyful and loyal servant.
To fall more deeply in love with Him every day so that questionings dont matter and the world has no lasting pull on us. What do we want to see?
Acts 12 V24; But the word of God grew and multiplied. This!
And despite the falling away and despite the confused questionings of all of us.
Just to live in trust no matter what assails us. AMEN.

Bondservants ??? or just an ordinary servant, on & off.....?  From: maryann 20 Feb 2012 (10:51)
Living on the edge of eternity:

Revelation 1:1-4 : \"The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants. things which must shortly take place and he went and signified it by His angel to His servant John.

2) Who bore witness to The Word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ to all things that he saw.
3) BLESSED is he who reads and those who hear the Words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written in it for the time is near.

4) John, to the seven churches which are in Asia.

NB! BLESSED...is he that readeth this prophecy and hear THIS WORD !
REVELATION - is the Blessed Book! - The CENTRAL person in THIS Book is JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus is the hero of the Bible. So many are studing prophecy and are more worried about about what is going to happen THAN THE MAN JESUS!!!
The book of Revelation is the unveiling of Jesus Christ. He is unveiled in this Book. He is coming to reign ! The 1st time He came as a servant, but now He is coming as the SOVEREIGN GOD ! JESUS is the spirit of prophecy.

BOND SLAVE ! WHAT IS A BOND SLAVE ? We are bond slaves to Jesus if we love Him with all our hearts, body mind and souls.....Believe HIS WORD and put His Word above all other things in life - we hold on...run the race...come what may......we confess His Word.....the whole truth and nothing but the truth......
Bondservants do not want to be set free because we are bound by His Word - we love JESUS! - therefore we are called bond slaves.

Revelation is a book written to the bond slaves of Jesus. Others won t understand it if theyre not bond slaves.

\"Blessed is he that readeth\" - that means you are going to be blessed....

Mystery of history ! (and dont we just love mysteries...and this is the greatest one of them all!)

Rev. 11:15 - \"Then the 7th angel sounded and there was a loud voice in heaven saying; \"the kingdoms of the world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever\"

One of these days the Bride will be with the Groom. What a day that will be! - wow now its only tribulation, but soon, everything will be under Jesus sovereign reign.

What can you say to all people who experience one disaster after another ? = its not over yet, there is a Blessed Hope, Jesus Christ is coming again to put everything right forever and ever. Keep your eye on that \"STAR\" !
Live in Him, and keep your eye on Christs coming - for the time is at hand !

The time is always at hand \"imminent\" . The last days began when Jesus came to earth. Re. 1.Peter 1:7, 1 Cor 10:11, Phil4:5, James 5:8, 1John2:18 etc..........over 2000 yrs ago, but all these verses say that Jesus is coming is very near.

Some people say certain prophecies have to happen 1st., but no, His coming is always near, Its like going to the ocean, the waves keep coming in and out all the time - always near - edge of eternity - and Paul wrote \"the time is at hand.....\"

Key Word is verse 19) John on Patmos - \"Write the things which you have seen and the things which are and the things which will take place after this...
1) John had just seen a vision of Jesus.
2) Sound of many waters (12-15)
3) fire, i.e. he saw the risen Christ - Eyes of fire - face, strong!

There is another Jesus apart from being \"meek and mild\" walking on the shores of Galilee - HE is the Sovereign God, ruler over everything.

The end of the church age, ends at the rapture mentioned 7 times in Revelation 2:11 \"He that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches - 7x he is saying this.......

7 is the 7 churches mentioned, and they represent churches of all times (character) and write the things that shall be hereafter. Hereafter......that is what is going to happen after the church age . (age of Grace) . Its all an introduction to what is going to happen after the catching away of the church before Christ s judgements will come over Israel......morgages paid off to set them free from the devils grasp (veil unfolding) (Israel didnt keep Gods law concerning cleansing of the land . o.t. )

Israel have a morgage , they are in bondage. God sends the tribulation yrs (7) to revive them again. The 1st 3,5 yrs they will be deceived by the antichrist, thinking that he will be able to give them peace and prosperity, and then when the antichrist sets himself up as an abomination in the temple \"abomination of desolation\" (midtrib) they discover that he is a fraud, that is when they will see who their real God is, for who He is....their Jeshua . God then uses them 144.000. 12 tribes of Israel - to minister to the world then ...they will be taken up, they are purified...they will join the ones gone before (bondslaves) in Heaven where the Wedding feast of The Lamb will be held - together with Jesus forever and ever.......
What an exciting life we have in Christ - and our future is bright!
We must pray that God unveils His Word to us so we can understand what He is saying to us in this hour.To be doing what He is telling us to do in this hour - to be in the right place, right positions etc. We must be ready at all times, because we do not know the day or hour, but He reveals His time.........season........Hold fast on what you have so nobody takes your crown! Be a bondservant of Christ today...may we pray that we are worthy to escape the wrath to come! Come Lord Jesus come, The World desperatly needs a change now! but we must win some more souls , now! give us strength and wisdom and most of all Your Love to do that now!