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Arthur Blessitt From: June Ritchie 01 Feb 2012 (09:10)
He has written a new book called THE CROSS! For thirty eight years he has had one mission to carry the cross into lands throughout the globe with the object of proclaiming jesus! He has seen such sights that we can hardly imagine and done something that most of us dare not contemplate. It has took me about a week to read through this book and I can say there is food for thought in every part of it. This man has seven children and every one of them on fire for Jesus and serving Him in some way. Well I feel England needs some of that!
Too many of our young ones falling by the wayside and ignoring the truths of parents. But why? Read the book? they saw something in their dad, it was and is something called faithfulness and it melted them and turned them into loyal disciples. Read the book and be moved by some glorious evangleism that has gone from 1970 to the present day. June.