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Sponsors Required From: Peter Gladwin 31 Jan 2012 (20:05)
We are praying for churches to support our ministry in getting free copies of my book \"Out Of The Ashes\" into the hands of prisoners serving prison sentences throughout the UK. God is opening the prison gates just has he did in Act 12 when he sent his angel to free the apostle Peter from the grips of king Herrod, who was planning to bring him out for a public trial. Many prisoners are wanting to break free from the prison cells of their hearts and we can help in setting the captives free but we need your prayers and support. Please pray about sponsoring copies of the book as it could help transform a prisoners life, just as the message of salvation transformed our lives.

To sponser a book visit www.outofashes.co.uk click news and then the donate button it\'s that easy.
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