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FORUM > Publications > I'm reading Smith Wriggleworth(apostle of faith)at the mome

I'm reading Smith Wriggleworth(apostle of faith)at the mome From: karen skingle 01 Aug 2009 (12:00)
I'm reading Smith Wriggleworth(apostle of faith)at the moment what a good man he was working for the lord and with many people being saved and miracles being performed."Praise God" He was born in 1859!in Yorkshire - and God is still the same using his people to minister and help others today.If you get the chance get a copy as it's very enlightening and has uplifted me spiritually.

Smith Wigglesworth  From: June Ritchie 16 May 2011 (20:47)
As a bookish person I too was fascinated by this man\'s life story and found myself richer each time I went back to it! But I wonder if the reader here has read a secondary copy written by Smith\'s closest old friend cslled Willie Hacking! Pastor Hacking lived to a ripe old age and was a live wire even as his physical side grew aged. His faith shone out for evweryone to see and he too wrote a personal copy of what it was like to work alongside sucha wonderful man of God. I was one of those privileged to buy a copy and was blessed totally by the contents because of the personal touches of his spiritual friend.
Sometimes one lends a good book out and never gets it back but sure would like to see that book again. The truth enriches us greatly.

Smith Wigglesworth Apostle of Faith  From: Paul Senior 13 Jan 2012 (18:15)
The first book I read when I was saved and highly recommend it. As a Yorkshireman I identified with a man with a simple faith AND A GREAT GOD!