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FORUM > Publications > I have just finished The Shack by Wm Paul Young. It is brill

I have just finished The Shack by Wm Paul Young. It is brill From: Steve Harris 30 Jul 2009 (12:00)
I have just finished The Shack by Wm Paul Young. It is brilliant & inspirational, it only took me 2 days. A hard book to put down & yes plenty of emotion.

I too read The Shack. Barbara Mc lent it to me when were bo  From: Sylvia Lamble 01 Aug 2009 (12:00)

I too read The Shack. Barbara Mc lent it to me when were both away in Benidorm. What a read that was I could not put it down until finished - sitting in the brillisnt sunshine of Spain!

Sylvia Lamble

the shack!  From: maryann 26 Sep 2009 (11:28)
i havnt read \"the Shack\" only the preview(?) ....but....we just a wonderful pastor teaching in our church here in B.dorm, Spain......and he is def. living with God and has an annointing on his life, and his wife.....he warned strongly against the dvd. , book, \"The Shack\"! i have come to some thoughts , but havnt had time to check it out any further, but i would advice you to contact the pastor and ask for advice...you ca go on his webside\"Rev.Roger French\" and maybe get in contact with somebody that can tell more...... we must remember that the devil comes as an angel of light in a very religious package these days (as always) and tries to decieve us in all kinds of ways, so i think this is worth looking into...... my thoughts abt. this, just briefly...is thats its got something to do with going back in your life,and then dealing with healing in a \"theofostick\"(?) way, which the Bible warns us against...just some info......to help and prevent disseption....... greetings, in Christ, mary-ann

The Shack - pre-judge before you read it?  From: Gary Guillon 27 Sep 2009 (13:52)
We all have an opinion, it is good to reason together. It is always better if we have the facts from both side, before we offer advice. I was bit reluctant to read \'The Shack\' especially as it is a work of fiction. However, I had three solid BA Christians encourage me to read it. The bible says you will know them by their fruit ... well the fruit of this book in my life, is that I repented of many things as a direct result of the inspirational writing in this book. Now that I have finished it, I can see the benefit of it being fiction, as it is reassuring that the tragedies written in the book were not real, but God used them to challenge my attitudes. Without giving too much away, at one stage God is depicted as a Black Negro Women, which I have heard people take offence over, however, if you actually READ the book, you will see why the author chose to initially use that depiction; then God is later depicted as the man that He is (so no real harm done, for those that get to the end that is).

The bible tells us to \'discern the mixture\' and I read this book, whilst having my bible open at the same time, it is our responsibility to weigh all we read, with the definitive manual for life. My suggestion is \'do not throw the baby out with the bath water\' their are nuggets to be had from this book, please read it with an open mind.

the shack  From: maryann 28 Sep 2009 (10:12)
ps! having an opinion or giving advice,doesnt have to be the same as \"judging\" (strong word) God judges the ones \"outside\" we are to encourage , give advice and help our brothers and sisters in Christ...... i will look at the dvd (figure i wont be damaged because of that, when i get time ) but, when i get advice from spirit filled christians who i know are mature in Christ and you know the Holy Spirit is telling you......i choose to believe.....like you said...by the fruits you will know....and, the 1st thing by fruits, IS LOVE....HIS LOVE...WHICH WE ONLY CAN GET BY ABIDING IN HIS WORD.(not the carnal love, but His love which we only can get by abiding in Him and then we can even love our enemies!!)...... no hard feelings........many \"funny\" things these days...so we have to be careful....and the strong ones are to help the weak ones.........just some thoughts on a wonderful rainy morning in Benidorm!

Reviewing the shack...  From: Philip Lyon 08 Aug 2010 (22:28)
Although this thread has been quiet for a few months it seems appropriate to post on the topic as I saw on TV the other day that a movie of \"the shack\" is in production.
The book was passed to me soon after it\'s publication, by a Christian friend who had read it and considered it the most inspirational book they had ever read, and they bought a few to pass around. Alarm bells rung straight away. But I read the book anyway and to be honest, felt very uncomfortable with the authors portrayal of the trinity. ( I must also say here, if I were to take the book as just a novel, I still found it a very difficult read!)
Was this just God challenging my perceptions of him? Did I need to rethink my \"picture\" of God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost? Well it seems many people, far better qualified than me, also struggled with the theology of the book. Indeed it seems the theology of the book is deeply rooted in the New Age Movement. A quick search on the net for \"false teachings in the shack\" brought up many pages outlining the new age teachings contained in the story.
Heres a link to a particularly fair and objective review.
http:// www.reachouttrust.org/articleView.php?id=423

  From: Colin Gunnell 26 Aug 2011 (20:15)
I was doing a bit of browsing through the website this evening and noticed that The Shack is amongst those books that seems to have a mixed review, and although it\'s a year since the last comment I did feel I wanted to bring forth my views on what I consider to be a very worthwhile read.
Over these past few years, the Lord has been shaking off me a lot of \'religious thought\' that have been a hinderance to the Kingdom of God being birthed in His People\'s lives, and He used the shack to really challenge my thoughts on such things as the Trinity. We like our middle class pictures of God at work, but to me the Shack brought forth the best word picture I\'ve ever come across to show the interaction between the Trinity. We\'ve create a divide in some of our theological discussion and almost created a hierarchy of thought - with The Father at the top; the Son in the Middle and His Spirit as a last minute entity - but in this book we see a unity that no other picture has captured. The concepts of God\'s interaction and healing are very well captured, and if the book causes us to question what we believe, and maybe bring some balance to what we believe - then it is good. We need shaking up, as the misrepresentation of the Trinity in a lot of Churches is far more alarming than the concerns of one or two of the other reviewers of this book (and it concerns me that we have second hand reviews).
My heart was touched by The Shack, and I wholeheartedly believe that if there is shock created by the book, that it is God\'s intention to make us question and not write something off because it doesn\'t fit in with what we think is right - we see in part, as in a glass darkly - and if a different prism of thought (which actually you can\'t question if you search the scriptures afresh), than let\'s embrace and test it out to see what the Spirit would say to the Church. It has touched thousands and brought them into closer relationship with God, and that can\'t be bad.

Keep away from the Shack  From: Dave Byrne 27 Aug 2011 (11:27)
One of my Christan friends, Alan,has a gift from GOD. He can examine in fine detail books like this, items on the internet. He can explain clearly what is the hidden meaning. There are phrases hidden inside sentences, that show a hidden meaning, that frankly I had missed when reading this book.I gave him a copy of this book and told him that members of our church thought it was great. He replied with the heading that it should be called \"The Shackled\".

There is so much in that book to cause concern, that his report on it took 7 pages. I do not want to go through it all, as it is not my work, but I would trust him with my life. In your own interest please leave the book alone.

Dave Byrne

  From: Colin Gunnell 27 Aug 2011 (17:08)
There are a lot of comments on the Shack, and it is only the \'religious\' who have problems with this book. The Spirit will bring light to those who approach it with hearts receptive to His leading. I would recommend that before a judgement is made that people read it and judge it for themselves. I have studied theology to a high level, and those who have a problem with the Shack would also have a problem with Christ if He were to appear today. It captures the heart of God wonderfully. Yes, like anything else it is possible to find criticism - but try and capture the heart of the book.
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