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FORUM > Listening to God > trying to help God!!!????

trying to help God!!!???? From: maryann 19 Jan 2012 (20:19)
Ever tried to HELP GOD?...actually i think we do it more often than we realize sometimes...and then when God suddenly makes you aware of what youre actually doing - it gets quite \"funny\" - thinking that you could ever help God in how HE is gonna solve a problem , give an answer to what youre praying for......I think , many times, without realizing it, you see in your mind how the problem is going to be solved.....or if you desperatly need money for something you really feel God has put in your heart, you can sort of (at least i can sometimes) see where the money is coming from and then you settle for this solution , you pray and pray, some small blessings come, and you think, thats it! the bigger sum is soon coming!...but it continues to be absent...and then you wonder ; what am i doing wrong?????
The other day i got a revelation about this...it was an a ha experience........I heard The Holy Spirit say to me...you just keep on praying about this project.....be faithful....its my heart, BUT please dont interfere with where the money comes from or how its coming....THATS MY JOB, NOT YOURS! ...just do your work.....love ME, worship me, enter MY courts with Thanksgiving, obey ME, TRUST ME....and ALL these other things will be added to you! its testing time....HE has to see if we can stand the test........we can, if HE has put it in our hearts....its just being patient and running the race...HEAPS OF COMPASSION AND LOVE for the lost and those in the family of God and sowing in good soil! THE VICTORY WILL BE WON!

I agree Maryann  From: June Ritchie 19 Jan 2012 (22:24)
this is a time when faith in God\'s provision is really being tested in some of our lives. But the race is set before us and we should never stop running it.
youre right about that. running brings pressure and that can wear us down a bit! but yeah to stay faithful when the iron seems hot hmm thats definitley it isnt it. To stand when one feels things are wilting a bit too much.
Important to really get it into our heads that God hasnt lost control for He reigns supreme in all such matters. Every need supplied in His perfect timing.
well still after 42 yrs theres lessons to be learned there. But Im going to stand in order to withstand everything thrown at me (quite a lot seemingly but yes I still feel so blessed by him and thankful to be His. I can celebrate that above everything else. sure you can too dear. June

Acts chapter 3  From: June Ritchie 21 Jan 2012 (09:32)
V16; And His name through faith in His name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know, yea the faith which is by Him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.

Peter and \\john had the faith that raised up the lame man who went leaping and walking in praises into the synagogue. Everybody saw it and marvelled at the sight.

Suddenly the man had strength of limbs and an overwhelming longing to shout his praises loudly so as to be heard.

His name through faith in His name makes us strong. Strong to do exploits and see miracles. Strong to stand firmly and wait for His deliverance/ Provision.
Strong to refuse to compromise in any way that which we have found at the foot of the cross.

Strong to turn away from sin and to put on the mind of Christ.
To be a warrior for God and fight every battle in Christ\'s name and power.

Yes being made strong in every way inside and out because of faith in His name.
Refusing to be silenced and determined not to be beaten when the fires are hot in testings.

All because of faith in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour but recall those words of Peter when he said //whom ye see and know. // Perfect soundness in the presence of you all!

Isn\'t that what we are striving for brethren? I thirst for it and I hope you do to. But it doesnt come easy all the time does it there are subtle ways we are tested and can falter but the word says// Confess your faults to one another and I believe this can work but it takes a godly man to admit his faults openly to others. we should all try it sometime. June