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Cops and Robbers From: Paul Senior 13 Jan 2012 (18:12)
True stories of ex-offenders and others who are now Christians in comic book form. To date 12 editions and 120,000 copies distributed, mostly free of charge. Have just published the 2013 edition. It contains the stories of Tony Anthont - Taming the Tiger - Stephen French (The Devil), Stephen Gerard-Hayden (wrote Cobblestone Kids), Jennifer Blake (ex-gang member) and Mike Connolly (deemed insane at 16 through drugs, God delivered him and he now runs a church on the Isle of Wight). Great value at £1 per copy, less if buy in bulk + postage. www.copsandrobbers.org.uk.

I have less than 1,000 copies left (as of 18th December) for purchase, preferably in bundles of 10 @ £15 delivered. Prisoners love them, teenagers love them. Go to www.copsandrobbers.org.uk to see an online version.

There are still a few copies of the 2012 edition available for a donation.

Be blessed, buy and bless others. Monies to the next edition.

Paul S
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