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The torn veil From: June Ritchie 12 Jan 2012 (09:28)
This is the story of Gulshan Esther a muslim lady who found Christ and was wonderfully healed. The power of God in her life and the lives of some of her family shines through as she shares what happened to her and how different her life is today I read this book and part way through wept buckets for women who are going through the same kind of issues that this lady came up against.
One cannot read it without gaining a fresh burden to see God move in Asian countries like it. the book is Zondervan publication being sold in Christian bookshops on the website in Cheshire area. the woman\'s story was recounted to Thelma Sangster and the healing to her body was mighty and without any human hand touching her but simply an appearance of Jesus Himself. The result was a changed life and new difficulties. But she won through them all and today she is safe and blessed. Get a fresh insight and buy the book. June

The Torn Veil  From: Teresa Smith 13 Jan 2012 (20:22)
I love this book! it is totally inspring and yes moved me to tears. There is also another one called \"I dared to call Him Father\" by Bilquis Sheikh who was a Pakistani women of noble birth. She was searching in the Quran and found referenced to the prophet Jesus. So she turned to the pages of th Christian Bible to see if they could shed more light on this mysterious figure. She started having a series of strang dreams that brought her to Jesus. Her story is very powerful and amazing, she became a Christian and went round the world in great danger proclaiming her faith and love for The Lord - a wonderful book.