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Faith like Potatoes From: June Ritchie 12 Jan 2012 (09:09)
A good book on faith for a winter night! Angus Buchan is a part Scot living and working as a farmer in South Africa. Not an easy part of it either but the fields are whitened and God is using him in amazing ways with growing multitudes.
The book is a Monarch publication and can be bought in any Christian bookshop.
This book is no lecture it is a story of how God picks him out of a crowd and uses him in a special way. Provision, abundance, trial and blessings are all there. Get blessed this winter and find a copy to enjoy. June

  From: Colin Gunnell 13 Jan 2012 (12:26)
Thanks June.
I would wholeheartedly recommend this book. They have also produced a very good DVD of the book which captures the essence of how God met with Angus in a time of deepest need and transformed his life. There is bonus material on the DVD too, which includes interviews with Angus and shows his ministry in action.
To those who read this forum - If you like books or films that challenge us in our faith - don\'t miss this one.
God bless you.