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Learning about LIFE From: June Ritchie 11 Jan 2012 (09:51)
Jesus our Lord has so many ways to teach us and show us truths about life itself and about the attitudes and behaviour of fallen human beings.
One of the greatest ways I find in my daily walk is when I rise in the morning I open the back door and throw out some bread onto the lawn for the birds in the wood closeby. usually theres a few blackbirds standing along the fence and waiting politely for me to do it. Then they begin to come down as I stand quietly inside and watch them. For them this is breakfast its also a chance to take a stroll around a large lawn, to generally mess about and play tag with one another. just like children do. But recently one blackbird has come down first. And with regularity it eats and sticks around, but as soon as another bird attempts to come and go towards a crumb immediatley it is on the attack, and deliberately chases them off immediately! And forces them to go away without eating. This morning I thought of this its a picture of the greedy and covetous rich in society who not only want to eat the money they can pick up but strongly object to anyone else getting what they feel they have a right to.
with that I mean it all. Greed and Covetousness two of the scourges of the age.
The lawn of life is big and the bread (work and money, material goods) are here to be shared. Bank accounts grow but if they never get parted with a bit to make anothers life easier we become like that blackbird. For one little bird its not a nice thing to see but what does it look like in human terms?. Does it earn friendships for us? Does it bring gratitude and support when we ourselves need it? If we persist in holding on to it all now we will lose something vital and that is the loving approval of our Saviour Jesus Christ. If we lose that we lose everything worth having in this life. Jesus provides for and prospers us so that we in turn can help and give comfort to others. And if we miss that fact we miss a vital clue in ETERNAL LIFE LIVING> AMEN.