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An excellent gift From: June Ritchie 03 Jan 2012 (11:31)
I shared with friends what my latest book was going to be about and one lady had a beautiful vision of the Jewish Candelabra all lit up.
During Christmas week she sent for me to ask me to call for a Christmas gift and said after prayer the Spirit had told her to give this gift to me.
I called for the gift on Christmas Eve and on opening it found it contained a maroon hard backed book titled in gold. \'Almighty God\' then beneath it says ;
\'365 Wonderful things about him.\' I was intrigued and began it that night.
Each page is complete in itself and delves deeply into all that the Lord God is, all that He has done and all that He has created.
It deals with inspiring facts to give His disciples an even clearer picture of God than ever before spaced out page by page so that the good teaching in it can be fully taken in and meditated on as and when required.
An ideal way to read it would be to take page by page over the year but since I am trying gain fresh facts I am reading a couple of pages each night.
I dont know the cost of the book it was printed by Bath Press and the publishers are Beatitude Books of Luton, Bedfordshire. apparently there is a sister book to it called \'Jesus Christ\' 365 Wonderful things about him.
I plan to order this one myself and expect to be blessed with it.