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A daily need fulfilled From: June Ritchie 23 Dec 2011 (10:21)
I am still on the subject of a mighty miracle done by God for Elijah and the widow. A Handful of Meal! Elijah\'s declaration was made and now we see the answer from the Lord to the words of faith spoken.
V15-16-- And she went and did according to the saying of Elijah: and she and he and her house did eat many days. And the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of the Lord that he spoke through Elijah. A mighty miracle indeed and one worth studying for our own benefit and reward. She went in and she came out again TO GIVE. SEE IT>
I checked my dictionary for the word re the handful of meal i.e. WASTE and found an astounding set of interpretations. I then checked the word FAIL for the oil and found the perfect answer there too. Both of these gave me such a wonderful picture of God\'s goodness as well as again convincing me that a bible plus a dictionary is a must when you want to get the fullest picture possible.
But go back onto Elijah\'s request to get the right picture for free will giving in the aspect of today\'s world. --BUT MAKE ME THEREOF A LITTLE CAKE FIRST!
and bring it unto me, and AFTER make for thee and for thy son.
Elijah stayed outside and the woman went in to do his bidding ACCORDING TO THE SAYING OF ELIJAH. She went in and did it, despite her circumstances because she believed the words he spoke. Now in the natural it would be, MAKE OURS FIRST and then if anything left Elijah has it. But no, she obeyed him and did his FIRST.--
Can you see the priority in this? She had to first serve the servant of God!
And by doing so, she released God\'s power to work a miracle on the food and the oil. I SAW IT and then saw my own giving. Free will giving carries a reward if we do it without flinching. HMMM that\'s hard when a State Pensioner especially when appeals for every kind of need come through your door almost daily (and especially at this time of year) Yes, I have been obeying but deep inside I had a struggle when feeling overwhelmed with other\'s needs. Then you just have to put your head down and plod on believing in a great outcome.
GIVING FIRST that and WHO and WHAT we give then is important because it is that which gains the Lord\'s rewards. This to me was a flash of lightning for I saw my struggles of the last week or so very clearly and the rewards are still coming from it. Well if there is a Christmas message in this that is important a small gift can bring big rewards and the handful of meal will never stop providing for me so that in turn I can with Gods love provide for others!
for two days since the message I have talked to myself as I have gone about Fathers business saying over asnd over again Just a Handful of Meal.
A very merry Christmas and a Rewarding New Year from June Ritchie.
PS. Look up the dictionary words to add to the blessing.
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