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FORUM > Listening to God > Christmas, What does it mean?Luke Chapter 2

Christmas, What does it mean?Luke Chapter 2 From: June Ritchie 17 Dec 2011 (11:59)
This chapter is so special when it comes to describing the real meaning of Christmas. The actual birth of jesus in the stable the happenings in the fields where the shepherds were joyfully informed of the golden event.
And yet. A stable? And laid in a manger? How far away are these things to what Christmas has become! A spiritual soul can be sickened by the heavy pressures being brought upon humanity to spend money on unwanted gifts and lashings of unneeded food. What did Mary and Joseph eat whilst in that stable?
It must have been something far from the cost of the value Christmas meals pubs and restaurants are offering families for the seasonal celebrations.
Yes. Christmas is important to families after all the birth of Jesus was a family event . But celebrated. How? Forced to travel in winter at a difficult time with just a donkey. Only to find at a truly late hour there was NO ROOM AT THE INN! So a stable will do for the Son of God. But how about the rest of us.
How do we connect with that when we know our own localities have ministries within them battling with homeless folks who will sleep under cardboard if they have to to keep warm. Thank God for the Salvation Army! and thank the blessed lord for any of our local churches who are fighting with their backs to the wall to give these kind of people some kind of normality especially in such a season as this. Do we have a sense of responsibility on such things.
Last year the thought of the homeless became a nighmare I felt I must seek to do summat for! so i did. My hubby and I got in touch with out localised ministry which has converted an old town centre pub and made it a haven for during the day and a place of blessing over the Christmastime with good meals to go with gifts of a practical nature. Thank God for the Methodist church and its minister who thought the project up. and without sufficient gifts coming in to keep it functioning it would fold up. What a thought! But a worse thought is that in 2011 there are still too many folks beiong forced to sleep rough because there is literally NO ROOM AT THE INN! How sad we are become and what a tragedy in what should be an enlightened age.
Last year I came alongside the Methodist work and this year coming alongside the Salvation Army how my soul has been ministered to I cannot play God as a pensioner but I can fight for good with those who are fighting for good every day. Mary and Joseph were offered a stable and God saw it. The holy child was laid in an animals manger. And God saw it. Showing the homeless what the light of Christ looks like is fully in danger of being swamped by the media frenzy pleading with us to spend on ourselves and eat constant feasts when there are many of us battling with our extra pounds piling on to affect our health.
It\'s well past time to recognise the voice of Babylon and ignore it whilst meditating on all that is the true meaning of Christmas. And its so the way to please God our Father. Let this Christmas hold special blessings for you and me reaching out to others. AMEN june R.

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