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Listening to the world\'s voice From: June Ritchie 05 Dec 2011 (13:02)
God has given us discernment by the Holy Spirit and a heart that is sensitive to what is happening around us. The disciple is not meant to be comfy in a cocoon seeing and hearing nothing to grieve us but causing us to think much about Christ\'s imminent return. Life has got more difficult for most of us in the body of Christ, whilst all around us there are hearts becoming more hardened by the minute! Then in a grievous way many of us have family members in this very same condition to maske us sad. Sometimes reading the daily blogs commenting about the news, helps to get an deep insight of the mind of the people we will never meet.
But just lately in them two things have stood out more than any others.
Vivid and vile Expressions of hate and accusation aimed at the Jews has been one of these! the other has of course been the steady stream of anger and hate re the amount of immigrants coming in to England.
These two things have stood out and caused much concern mainly because the disciple is told to pray for the Jew and to love them as Gods special people.
So it hurts and grieves me to hear all this hate, but also makes me aware of what is beginning to arise as the final acts regarding the world at the end.
The second is the problem of fear and suspicion against the immigrants.
The one thing I find helps in this situation is the fact that God made it a LAW that we should welcome and help the stranger within our gates ! No matter how hard that may seem to be, it is nevertheless a law of God and desired by Him as an act of love toward Him. these things are proving to me beyond all others, that Jesus is coming back soon and it means getting ready to receive Him in a righteous manner is so important. Well I can go even further than that now really lately having read two excellent books from folks who have had a heavenly experience and sharing it. I can say I long for that day when I will worship before the throneroom of God. The hardness on earth by its people is only making me more hungry for Jesus himself to welcome me home.
Even so Come Lord Jesus! AMEN
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