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something to ponder From: David Dawson 04 Dec 2011 (22:17)
10 yrs ago Bob Hope died

5 yrs ago Johnny Cash died

A couple of months ago Steve Jobs died

A couple of weeks ago Jimmy Saville died

So now we have no Hope, no Cash, no Jobs and nobody left to Fix It and that about sums up this once great country. What went wrong?

Quite simply we turned our back on God and like Sinatra we did it \'My Way\'.

The Psalmist wrote \'blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.\'

Doing it our way has resulted in us having one of the highest levels of teeenage pregnancies in Europe because we took God out of the family and the classroom. We also have one of the highest levels of school truancy and one of the lowest levels of European exam results. We have taught our children that in the beginning there was nothing and then this exploded and there we were! We crawled out of a primeval soup and then crawled around for a while before climbing up into trees and then climbing back down again! Because we are then made in the image of apes and not \'in the image of God\' we can change our wife every 4/5 years like apes do! And because we can kill spare cats and dogs we can do this with babies in the womb. Man likes to call this early termination, God calls it murder! So I prefer the Bible that teaches God designed and created this world and made man in His own image. But man fell through disobedience and still does, just look around at all the stealing and cheating, the lying, cursing, murder, adultery, and oh yes - acccepting other gods! This is why our standards are dropping in every facet of our mental, social, financial and spiritual lives. Our country has one major problem after another, the collapse of society and the demise of our living standards is in the papers and on the TV all the time now. The future for our children is not bright, there are dark days ahead just as the Bible warns us.

The problem in Britain today is that no one wants to acknowledge that God has the right to make the rules and that we have no right to break them! This is why Jesus said, \"Will I really find faith when I return.\" Our faith has been in money, a root of many evils. Will Jesus return as He said He would - absolutely, you can take it to the bank - or perhaps not! The banks can\'t be trusted anymore, along with pension companies, the stock brokers, politicians et al. Human greed is at an all time high! The Bible warns that their gold and their silver will not save them \'in that day!\' (Interesting how the value of gold and silver are at an all time high - could it be that the financial system will collapse one day as the Word of God foretold, along with other alarming information!)

At the end of the day there will be two groups, the friends and the foes (the grace despisers) of the Lord Jesus, who has said He will judge the living and the dead. One group is going to Heaven and the other to Hell. Is there a Hell, a separation from God - absolutely, Jesus spoke more in the Gospels about Hell than Heaven. He knows how awful it will be! It is a place of remorse and regret, of darkness and distress, where people depise one another and gnash their teeth in anger. There is no friendship, joy or happiness there and absolutely no hope of escape or a second chance.

The way of escape before we see the great worldwide financial collapse, soaring food prices and an anti-christ ruling over all nations is to turn from our ways because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The answer is to read John 3:3 and 1 John 1:8-9 for starters and then to obey Hebrews 12:14 otherwise Hebrews 9:27 and Hebrews 10:31 will come upon all those who despise the truth of Ephesians 2:1-9.

The Holy Bible is wholly true, it has never been nor will it ever be disproved! It is the biggest selling and most loved Book of all time, it has been called the Bank of Faith and it is the only hope for each and every one of us. Amen.

all very true David  From: June Ritchie 11 Feb 2012 (10:07)
not a nice picture is it? One to shun and one to weep about. it means that this is the hour we must practice what we preach and set as watch on our lips even as King David said. Its so easy to look at all the exploding darkness about and around us. when we do it too often despondency sets in and we find ourselves forgetting that God is the all powerful one! Has He changed? Does He still do miracles when we call unto him? Can He be trusted to bring us through all this? There has to be times when doubts threaten us concerning that for who is perfect with an unshakeable faith during an explosion of evil.
I love the way the bible takes these storms and then says something like;
BUT GOD! or SUDDENLY! The book our friend and Pastor wrote was titled very appropriatley \'MY AMAZING GOD\' Page after page of amazing things God did on His behalf. The wonderful ways He led him and taught him to minister. The way He used him to bring healing to many. The power of his prophecies.
Yes times are tough indeed but God is still doing amazing things through people like you and me. Still giving guidance in the midst of all this horrid confusion and still dealing with our enemies when we cry out unto Him!
Life is far from easy which is why we have to do as david says and HIDE OURSELVES UNDER THE SHADOW OF HIS WINGS TILL THE STORM IS PASSED. I am happily married but there is no deeper comfort in my life than God himself. NO person I would rather put my trust in to protect and deliver me. I look back often and see what I had and what I have now and see the wonder of God\'s love even in the midst of todays clamouring voices and todays tragic happenings. And never dare to doubt that my God is in control of everything and bringing about His holy purposes. If my Lord can keep Arthur Blessitt safe while carrying a cross in a Muslim controlled country and take him safely through war zones then I have to say HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD. I look at where I came from and know that He is and that He can be trusted even now to bring about all the victories we need.

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