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FORUM > Listening to God > What is a success story?

What is a success story? From: June Ritchie 11 Nov 2011 (11:30)
Or put it another way what is a successful Christian?
Someone who has gone through a lot and come out the other end stronger and still in God. Someone who has learnt not to blame God or His people for every little thing that goes wrong. Someone who never stops looking up when the chips are down. Someone who in their darkest hour can get mad at the devil and declare strongly before him \'Do what you want but I won\'t quit loving God or believing in His goodness.\'
Someone who takes the courage to ask God if theres a reason for things going wrong. Someone who not only says something but does it just as they promise. Someone who learns to love when they are disliked.
Someone who stays with the sheep instead of going over to the goat line.
Someone who has truly handed over their life decisions to Father and letting
Him decide what\'s best. Someone who doesn\'t trust in his own capabilities but leans unto the Holy Ghost.
Someone who has learnt to pray instead of worry. Someone who is determined to shine for all the right reasons, (not just to be seen shining.) Someone who goes the second mile even if it hurts. Someone who shows love to those that they know secretly despises them. Someone who never stops caring about the poor and doing what they can to alleviate them.
Someone who fully lives out their testimony before men. Someone who knows they are free and uses their freedom the right way. Someone who shows that God alone is the most important thing in their life. Someone who runs the race right to the end.
Someone who keeps Christ as their centrefold. Someone who is determined to finish their course in the way that God requires it. Someone who sees the cross as more vital than resurrection power.Someone who can weep with compassion and praise God for another persons blessing.
And finally someone who will be truly missed by many at their death. June
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