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FORUM > Listening to God > Where the money is.In the mouth of the fish Mt 17:27

Where the money is.In the mouth of the fish Mt 17:27 From: George fongoh 04 Nov 2011 (10:52)
My dear brethren in the Lord,we have unsaved souls out there all over the world and they are our riches because what we want is in them. So as we go out we should be prepared to evangelize and present Jesus Christ to the unbelievers.because they are the big fishes we need to go after and win them for Gods kingdom.

From June Ritchie  From: June Ritchie 05 Nov 2011 (09:39)
I know you are right bro my provision pours in more swiftly when I am immersed in the evangelism side of ministry. despite being a pensioner the Lord makes sure that this book ministry is fully equipped especially at the significant times of the year when strangers will receive it. Every disciple should have something special planned for the Christmas season as a gift to a God who has given the greatest gift of all! Christmas and Easter should never pass without a special acknowledgement from us as labourers to the harvest. I wish you successful in whatever your\' own venture will be. Blessings. June