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FORUM > Meeting Reports > Budapest, Hungary REPORT- 14th Oct.2011 to 16thoct 2011

Budapest, Hungary REPORT- 14th Oct.2011 to 16thoct 2011 From: solomon raj 20 Oct 2011 (12:58)
Dear Solomon, I am sending the report of the weekend.
14th October, Friday
Solomon arrived at Liszt Ferenc airport at Budapest and we brougt him to Élő Ige (Living Word) church to the night prayer event. Approx. 40 brothers and sisters were there until 10pm. Finally we remained 22. It started with a worship band and Solomon\'s teaching. After some encouraging testimonies we had tea-break and could talk with the brothers/sisters from other churches. We had very good fellowship. Then we went deeper in the presence of the LORD and as Solomon teached us we prayed for the nations, pastors and for the individuals\' needs according to the Acts 4, 23-31. Then we took communion and had small group prayers. At this time we could have the personal and actual prayer topics. The good point was the unity among us and we shared the testimonies as a closing of the event. Solomon encouraged us to organize one night prayer every month from now on. This will be my responsibility to collect the people from the churches.

15th October, Saturday
We went out for a prayer walk in Budapest in the early afternoon, eight of us. We visited the Parliament, and prayed for the leadership and the business connections for this country, and also that the Good News would spread from this region to Europe. Then we visited the Buda Castle and prayed there also. In the evening there was the God-Seekers event for the disabled youth in a Disabled Centre. We got together aruond 20. After worship Solomon encouraged them by the little slave girl from the story of Naaman that God can use them to share the Gospel though they are not mighty. It was a blessed time they really enjoyed it. After the teaching Solomon has prayed for everybody. The Holy Spirit anointed this event!

16th October, Sunday
The Agape church invited Solomon to teach at the Sunday morning service. The message was from 1 John 3:16, that our vertical love and worship towards God should be visible in a horizontal agape love towards our neighbours and in the church as a family, and that this agape/love/unity is the main lack in the European churches in contrast to churches in India or the underground churches. We give from our surplus but they give their last. They have nothing before God so that their only source is God, that\'s why they can grow so rapidly. Here there are freedom in religion and our faith is so weak, but in persecution the faith and love to one another is strong. Solomon have put emphasis on that the churches should not only give love inside but also outside. After the teaching the people came forward with individual prayer needs. The pastor invited us for a launch. The pastor told their homeless ministry. They share the Gospel with them and give food, hot tea and clothing to them. Weekly there are two-threehundred homeless at the Agape-House. The pastor received the initiative of the interdenominational monthly nightprayers with great joy because the message was focused on Jesus not on the denominations. The night prayer event is opened to everyone so that everyone can come regardless of their home denominations. Finally we said goodbye to Solomon. We will keep on praying for each other and look forward to Solomon\'s next coming in half a year.
(I try to get some testimonies later.) This weekend was really blessed for the churches and individuals also from our Almighty God! Glory to Jesus!
Balázs Kovás