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GOD\'S SEEKERS CONFERENCE REPORT- VAJTA, HUNGARY From: solomon raj 20 Oct 2011 (12:57)

Dear Brothers & sister

i was attending this conference by July 2011... this is the report... GLORY TO GOD please pray continually God to lead and use me for HIS GLORY....

Dear Solomon,

Here I am sending to you a summary of the conference.
We have spent a week in a Hungarian village, Vajta. We can found here a nice castle of the Calvary Chapel Bible College and conference centre. The castle is surrounded a very nice and quiet park area with a pool and other playing-fields. I had some financial problems a month before the start of this conference but God, our provider, Yahweh Yireh reachly blessed us not only financially but spiritualy also! The time of the conference we spent together was a really blessed time! I invited 18 phisically disabled youth and 2 blind persons. 2 mothers from them came also. I invited a young couple too with their 2 children. We were altogether 50 including the care assistants and the members of the worship team. The guest speaker was Pastor Solomon Raj from Preston, UK.
We believer helpers got together to pray, worship and have communion every early morning before the disabled youth got up. I think it was important, powerful and wonderful to pray and worship the God Almighty in one heart! Also we prayed for certain persons for salvation and physical healing. Although we believers came 4 different church backgrounds, I really felt the Spirit given oneness and love among us. This factor is cannot be organized. This atmosphere has been given to us or we miss it. Thank God we could feel His love all week long!
Every morning and evening we had a gathering: worship time, teachings, testimonies, prayers for healing and other thing. Solomon\'s profetic words just cut and touched the hearts as he prayed for the individuals. Many eyes were tearful in the gathering. The presence of the Holy Spirit was really among us.
I could see in our teacher, pastor Solomon not only anointed power which is important but humbleness, love and compassion also as the fruits of the Spirit revealed. Praise the LORD!
Six people have decided to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts and were baptized at the end of the conference. It was a wonderful event as they confessed their faith in Christ in the water surrounding lots of people and singing songs. In addition God\'s healing power was perceived not only in the hearts but physically too. Glory to God! The last evening the sick people were anointed by oil and we prayed for them as pastor Solomon led us. As the Holy Spirit moved among us we were just together and prayed each other. The other half of the group started singing praise to the LORD spontaneously for hours. This evening was really led by the Spirit.
I am sure that every member of the conference went home with living hope, stronger faith in the LORD Jesus, overflowing joy and bigger fire in their hearts!
God showed me again that He is our loving and providing heavenly Father who is awesome in power and nothing is impossible with Him!
Be all the glory only to the LORD our God!

Balázs Kovács

Dear Pastor Solomon,

I rejoice that I was in Vajta last week together with my christian friends. I experienced, that this week wasn\'t easy, but God was with us with his holy presence.
I experienced personal God\'s love and mercy and grace. I wanted to get gift from God. Faith, such faith, which children have. I couldn\'t beleive, that these ill, handicapped children get well again. Solomon brother prayed for me. God gave me faith, and he touched me with his endless love, and mercy and grace. I thank God for this week many times, because I am very grateful to him for this week, and I thank you for your prayers and I thank brother Solomon for his fast and prayer. It is wonderful, that you so love us, you don\'t know us, still love us and pray for us. Thank you.

I hope, that we will meet maybe in England or maybe in Hungary.

God bless you!!


Dear Solomon!

Your prophecy was for me about praying and knocking by God. Holy
Spirit said by you, I have to pray every moment, like a breathing.
Before I went to the camp, I didn\'t pray enough, but I saw the effect.

I understood it what it means the prayer, worshipper life. I have to
be in every moment in relationship with my Father. He wants to do big
things by me.

I heard it tonight that my grandmother has cancer. She is not born again.
She is not prepared, neither physically nor psychologically.

It started the hard times in my family\'s life. But God gave me a verse
from Bible: \"But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be
saved.\" (Matt 23, 14)

Thank you so much your every sharing!

Be blessed, Orsi\"