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reply to william smith\'s testimony, success story. From: derek leslie 17 Oct 2011 (20:45)
received William\'s down to earth testimony, privately by email before he put it in task Jesus.
I encoraged him to input it, thanks bill for doing it.
Here is a copy of a reply I sent him it saves me writing it all again.

HI Bill, the more that we correspond the more I am pleased to have you as a friend.
Your a chip of the same block as me. Down to earth, believe. love and do trust the Lord. But are not religious.
I am sure you know what I mean.
That\'s why that Lady said have you prayed about it. She was a religious person.
As to those who went to that church, and I think that I know the one. (cant spell it) longi cho I think. I have read his book. Have it somewhere. He has the largest church over there. He teachers visualization in prayer. And to be very specific when we ask for things.
Now once only in one of my testimonies, about God giving me some shoes if you have read it. I did say that I was specific.
And in that certain case the Lord did answer.
But I don\'t really go along with Visualization, or been so specific.the bible says he already knows what we need even before we ask.
Now God is a mystery, he does things that we cant understand at the time, or as to why.
Sometimes he gives us, and sometimes he does not. He has his reasons.
I DON\'T AGREE WITH THIS NAME IT CLAIM IT teaching at all. Many teach it, just pray, say it, and claim your cash.
What a load of rubbish. Try telling that to the one\'s that are starving.
The bible says, they will gather around them Teachers that preach, what their ear\'s are wanting to hear in the last days.
Most TV evangelists, are on to a money making thing, and the people cant see it.
Send me your cash, and God will multiply it back to you. So if you send me £100 you will get £1000 back.
So in that case most Christians should be million Aire\'s by now. With the amount of cash they have sent in.
The only ones that are, is the TV evangelists.
Thanks for your story. Put it in a separate blog in task Jesus. It may make some think and stop been so religious, and get their feet back down to earth. I am not saying that the Lord does not give, I am saying its a mystery, sometimes yes, but sometimes no.
Its the same with healing.
Blessing to you bill.
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1 Cor. 1 V5 from June R.  From: June Ritchie 31 Oct 2011 (15:57)
That in everything ye are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge.// Words we speak are very important whether they are negative or just criticise others that we think are false or lacking. According to first Cor. 1 V5 our words should always enrich the listener and not in any way place doubts in their mind about others or about the opinions of others. Yet that\'s a difficult matter if we believe in and want to live on the side of TRUTH because sometimes the truth as we see it can offend. If so it\'s not helpful.
Faith believes God and in prayer confesses the written promises of God, then continues to believe that the answer will be received in God\'s moment of time.
And why not! God\'s word cannot and will not lie, I dont need a picture in my head to obtain God\'s promises for if I know I have His ear it\'s all that I need. If by my words I confess with faith the promises of God I am praying in His will, so He hears and will answer. Timing may differ to my need but thats the ball in Gods court and not mine. so that\'s where trust comes in. It\'s not always easy either but very necessary for growth. I am enriched by everyone who enriches my faith and believe for bigger things (like miracles) I love Maryannes testimony about the bike she needed it was a lovely answer. and perfect as far as the request was concerned. God answers prayer how is His choice I dont choose to assail His ear with anything else but His own promises which are sufficient for all needs. and i try not to complain if i think its a bit of a long wait sometimes its good for me. Some miracles just take time and faith. so lets all be rich in our personal faith.
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