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FORUM > Listening to God > GOD S WORD - diffr. views

GOD S WORD - diffr. views From: maryann 07 Oct 2011 (06:29)
have been thinking abt. the diffr. opinions of certain issues on Task Jesus, and why so few come with an input............although it can be a good webside to encourage many, it can also be influenced by people who come with wrong teachings...........and maybe that is why some arnt so enthuisiatic abt. writing........after all, The Holy Spirit is supposed to lead us into all the truth and nothing but the truth, AND HE will, if our walk with JESUS is genuine, from the very core of our hearts, NONE of us are perfect, and we wont be before we get to heaven, but in the meantime we are learning.....from The Holy Spirit, through GOD S WORD! thank you LORD JESUS that YOU are THE LIVING WORD! I wouldnt want to be member of a webside that has the ability to influence many with wrong teachings from THE BIBLE , and everything is important...WE have to look at the wholeness of GOD S WORD and in these days its important that we give the right info and not mislead people...and we will get the right explanation by GOD S HOLY SPIRIT living in us, if our hearts are genuinly serving the LORD from the very core......

And we run the race, looking to OUR LORD, not fighting aimlesly, as one who doesnt know where he is going, but we look to HIM who bought us with HIS precious blood to set us free from the bondage of sin and death. WE run to win the race set before us, and we say, COME LORD JESUS COME! only HE can put everything right, and HE will put everything right, and HE WILL SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THE WRATH TO COME! HE HAS PROMISED US, IN HIS WORD , to do that, AND HE DOES NOT CHANGE HIS PROMISES, I am not under God s wrath, cause HE has saved me! BUT im not afraid or worried about what is happening now, cause i know God takes care of HIS children, so whether i live or die, i belong to HIM, IT says, when you see these things coming, look up, for your redemption draweth nigh........
In these tribulation times we should be earnestly seaking HIM, and get all the wisdom and love and discernment we need To lead people to CHRIST, that is the most important now. BUT it is also very important to get the right explanation from THE HOLY SPIRIT about the last days and what will happen to those who are left behind after the RAPTURE, WHICH IS PRE TRIB , so they will know what to do...personally , my experience with a few i have spoken to that are not born again believers, they are very interested in what is happening in the world about all the predictions of end times....and even they, believe in the rapture!!!! now isnt that funny???? maybe its an instinct GOD has put in people!!!??? and its only when they get too much under \"religious\" teachings (man made influenced) that they get confused!!! Quote: \"Let GOD S WORD be true, but EVERY MAN A LIAR\"


Good on ya Mary Ann  From: June Ritchie 07 Oct 2011 (10:39)
Like what youve said and yes understand that reluctance. know it bugs me too but if we keep ourselves to joining in when we know folks are in God and the truth of His word we can get blessed and bless them in return.
everything said about the Raptures is soon to arrive but only God knows about the whole picture. like you am looking up (not looking to dodge it all) LOL and just like you am concerned for the folks I love which are still outside despite my efforts. As the troubles increase and yet my peace increases but oh! I feel for those who dont know where to turn or do not want to look! There are people here dying without Christ yet having known about Him. thats a tragedy cant understand it properly.But dare not dwell on it God has chosen His elect and cannot interfere with that only hope He will be merciful unto family etc.
we will survive indeed we will overcome by staying close to Jesus who doesnt spread confusion but confidence in a lovinbg heavenly Father. X

I feel that I must make a short reply, as people should know the truth and not be mislead by any possible wrong teachings.
In my blog in task Jesus. are you ready for the tribulation I put only a few scriptures, showing that there is no pre tribulation rapture.

I stated that WE DO NOT SUFFER GODS WRATH. But we do go into the tribulation and suffer Satan\'s wrath.
That\'s the difference.

I notice that also there are no bible verses in the above input blog, to explain the bible verses that I have put in.
No attempt at all. Let the bible speak for its self.
We must believe and study what the bible says, not when someone says the LORD has told me this. Anyone can say that.
We must have scriptures to show what we believe. Not just wishful thinking.

The Holy Spirit does lead us into truth.
It really makes me wonder now about when people say the Lord has told me, spoken to me etc. About anything etc.
The Holy Spirit Leads us into truth. So what happens when one persons says a different thing from another person.
Both saying that the Lord has told them.? I think that a lot of it is the persons own wishful thinking, from there own imaginations,
And what they want to Believe. I am now very skeptical when people say the Lord has told me.
Some are true, it is from the Lord. But I think that most are not.

I am not saying the Lord has told me. But I am saying that the BIBLE HAS.

Also notice how some always infer that anyone who does not agree with them are NOT BORN AGAIN, or blinded by the devil. OR A LIAR.
Implying that only they know the truth and are with the Lord. Everyone else can\'t be. Instead of debating with scripture,
to call christian\'s who love the Lord. it makes one think hard about people who do this.

PLEASE take the time to study the rapture out for yourselves with your bible. Pray and look everywhere on the net youtube. Books The inputs I have put in. Links etc. Always Read both views on the subject. We would all like to believe in the pre rapture I would. If it was true. But sadly the bible says not. Its important that you get ready for what is to come.what we will have to endure to be tested.
Remember its not Gods wrath.its the evil ones we suffer.
where are these scriptures that prove that we will not go though the tribulation.? it only says we do not suffer Gods wrath.
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rapture - ref. to D.Leslie  From: maryann 09 Oct 2011 (07:01)
Derek, you say that we must suffer satans wrath - tell me Derek, what are we saved from by the blood of Jesus? During the tribulation yrs (7,5) the judgements of God are going over the earth on all those who have refused His salvation , but in His mercy, many will be saved then but will have to pay a high price. Read 2 Thes:2.& 1 Thess.4 ...read the whole chapters. Also read Revelation 3:10 ...I havnt time to write more now, but can refer to more...i havnt been indoctrinated by any teacher abt. this. The Holy spirit reveals it.....and many goooood teachers teach it...Yes, there are those who teach otherwise, why they see it diffr. only God knows, but i do know God says in His Word that HE lets us have a mind of stupor if we listen more to the explanations of men than His Word by His Holy Spirit, ...so maybe this is the problem.....Rev.Roger French has some very good teachings with all the scriptures about the Rapture, also Dr. Richard Kent, why dont you go in on their webside and listen to some of them? also pastor Jeff Schreve from\"From His Heart Ministries\"
I do think its important to know the truth about the Rapture, cause it is an imminent thing that is going to happen in the near future, and people need to know what is going to happen, cause they must be prepared for what is meeting them afterwards not to take the mark of satan.............also i think its very important to know for certain that youre telling the truth about this by The Holy Spirit cause if you tell the opposite, people wont believe anything said by \"christians\" who are left behind, when the rapture happens.(those not washed in His blood) please study this more and have an open mind...Will pray that you understand it right. Will pray for you so you see it right!

as troubles deepen   From: June Ritchie 09 Oct 2011 (09:34)
As troubles deepen all around us it seems sad that we should want to major on these type of doctrinal issues rather than just loving Jesus and looking to grow in Gods word. the daily news tells us all we need to know about the wrath of God, judgement is falling! But if the disciple stays right with God they can remain in the blessing through it all until Jesus sees fit to cry Come up! at the trumpet call. If I have any thought at all on this, its for those I love who refuse to take Christ as the world collapses round them.
My heart aches to know they risk being left behind whenever it happens, because it is coming ever closer. If I could just wave a magic wand and get all safely in I would but that isnt happening yet. And there are times when I positively cry out to God Enough! please take me home from all this, but yet I know my work is not yet ended So I carry on and face all that is coming upon the land. I try to obey Christ who has said Endure to the end! and hard though it may seem thats what I am to do. Basically endurance is a fine thing! Something in the spirit that cannot lie down and be beaten despite all! Regarding the rapture or pre rapture I only care about the lost going to hell, especially the folks I know and love.
I love my bible because it teaches me how to live among all this and not because it explores many doctrinal issues. I am trying to live for Jesus not just for the bible. The bible feeds well, but Jesus holds my hand in the midst of all this. Being Light and Salt costs! especially now but we can do it if we keep our eyes upon the Saviour.

sorry derek  From: June Ritchie 09 Oct 2011 (10:32)
I am a friend not an enemy and if i don\'t wish to enter into the rapture info thing too deeply that surely must be my choice. I thought we understood and loved one another. The rapture is something which will come when God chooses to send it, all I have to do is make sure I am ready but my concern is for those who arent.
The saints are safe if they keep looking up, the unbeliever is not safe because they refuse to look up. I can really regret that it is not important to me to discuss all the dates etc with you but there it is. Other scriptural issues are feeding my mind at this time and they seem important to me, since I need to stay focused when creating a new book. You have done well re discussing it and lots of folks have read your details regarding it, some shall investigate I am sure you can rejoice in that.
First and foremost I am a Jesus lover and want to learn all I can about living now for Him and passing it on as I see fit just like you. It wouldnt do for us all to be the same and all keep in the same issues. Please see that. Bless you June

A REPLY TO MARY ANN, THE RAPTURE, DIFF\'S OF OPINON  From: derek leslie 10 Oct 2011 (21:39)
Just one reply to Mary Ann. The wrath of Satan is the first part of the tribulation when he tries to force us to take the mark of the beast. And worship him. Many true Christians will beheaded. And persecution of the saints will be terrible. Satan hates us as we are Gods children. He can\'t attack God , so he tries to destroy his children and make us fall away. that\'s why we go though it, to be tested to the end.
Gods wrath is against the evil one and mankind who will not repent. All this is explained in the book of revelation.for all to plainly read.

I know that you believe that we wont be here to go though these things. And choose what I say or what the bible says you won\'t Change you mind. I have been praying about it. And I felt the prompt of the Spirit, telling me to not to give any possible retaliation Responses, As it will go on forever and its not good. But respond only in Christian love.
I really understand that some feel so very, very, strong on the rapture that they cannot control their human feelings.
And get upset and angry if people don\'t agree with them. That\'s normal human nature.
I must admit that I too replied to your first input a little more strongly than I usually do. Because I too am human.and was a little upset By the insinuations. Also because I too don\'t like a possible false interpretion of what the bible teachers.

I have felt a spiritual pain about these things. I cant understand why we can\'t just beg to differ in Christian Love.
So for these reason\'s I pray that we can do that, beg to differ in love. No point in replying to every response its not going to be resolved that easy, and can get out of hand.
I have seen Dr Richard Kent he presents a very good illustration of his point of view and yours.
However unfortunately I don\'t agree with him. As many others don\'t.
Because I feel like you, that we don\'t want wrong teaching. I only wanted to get people to use there own minds and read the bible About the rapture.pray and let the Holy Spirit teach us the truth.
Not develop into anyone attacking someone else simply because they don\'t agree with them. We should be able to respond in a loving way as Christians.

You are my sister in Christ. And in him, I feel a love for you.and want to remain friends.
I realise that you feel upset, when in your opinion someone is saying things that you do not agree with. And you don\'t want people to Get misled. However that\'s is also is the way I and many others feel. So it looks like deadlock.
To get to the bottom of things, scripture after scripture would have to be examined. Those for the rapture, those against.
It would take a long time if done on a blog for blog scripture, response, basis. And also if people cant do it without getting upset and attacking by insinuation.
For these reasons, and Christian fellowship and love. I shall not wish to continue with more replies from me to this blog.
If its a genuine Question in love I can be Emailed.
But for the sake of the truth of the bible I may put in one more input blog elsewhere on the site. The dangers of the pre rapture.
Only to make people think and study. I am going to study deeply again. I have a open mind if I find that I may be wrong I will
Post openly that I am.
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to derek leslie - reply -Rapture  From: maryann 11 Oct 2011 (06:10)
Just one question. since you accused us who believe in pre.trib. og not giving scrpt.details (i have) ...i will ask you the same question, can you give me the chapter and verse where it says that satan will let his wrath go over all the christians in the beginning of the rapture????? Im very sorry, I have a King James Bible...maybe you have another Bible?.................And ? nr. 2) When we are saved by the Blood of Jesus, why do we then have to go through satans \"wrath\", and why do we have to be tested for what Jesus has already paid for and it says, that our sins are forgiven, they asre paste tense, so if we are to be under a wrath again, then salvation is all in vain....that is actually what you are saying.

Like i wrote earlier, satan has no power to have any wrath under the tribulation. The tribulation times and everything ahead is all in the mighty power of GOD. It is HIS judgements that will go over the people on the earth during the tribulation times because of the peoples refusement to turn to HIM and obey HIM , therefore he allows satan to do all the evil he possible can in that short period.

Obviously you dont go in and read or listen to any of the teachings from very good teachers, i can also give you more......about the rapture, i.e. true teachings and very good...........it seems as though youve set your mind on believing that you are going to be here in the tribulation times of the 7,5 yrs., and if you want to experience it, go ahead, BUT I KNOW WHOM I HAVE BELIEVETH AND AM PERSAUDED THAT HE IS ABLE TO KEEP THAT WHICH IVE COMMITED, UNTO HIM UNTIL THAT DAY
also, dont think i get upset, thats just your thinking, how can i get upset about something true in Gods Word, i stand on solid ground!!!! I know MY Redeemer lives, cause HE lives within me!!!!

So Derek, i wish you a happy day and good readings, if the Rapture happens today, i wont be around to explain anymore tomorrow! God bless you!

RAPTURE  From: TREFLYN JONES 11 Oct 2011 (08:29)
It\'s good to see such an exchange of doctrinal beleifs and words on such a delicate subject.

We all know and understand that the disciples had issues regarding understanding Christ\'s teachings. ACTS 15 Speaks about the dispute between Paul and Barnabus regarding circumscision.

Acts 15

New International Version (NIV)

1 Certain people came down from Judea to Antioch and were teaching the believers: “Unless you are circumcised, according to the custom taught by Moses, you cannot be saved.”
2 This brought Paul and Barnabas into sharp dispute and debate with them. So Paul and Barnabas were appointed, along with some other believers, to go up to Jerusalem to see the apostles and elders about this question.

I am not adding this to create a different thread, but to remind us all that to not agree with others in not unusual.

My advice to you is not to impose our different views upon others but to enlighten them with our understanding and then allow the other person/s to offer their point of view and then use this to allow our thinking to be changed or we just stay where we are with our own thoughts. It\'s not my place or purpose to make anyone change their mind. I am instructed to:-

go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:18-20

New International Version (NIV)

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

We are also told to work ou our own salvation (I am told that the word salvation originally in the Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic - don\'t test me on this) means HOLYNESS.

Philippians 2:12

New International Version (NIV)

Do Everything Without Grumbling
12 Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,

So we need to work out our own HOLYNESS

So again exchanging views is wonderful, but let\'s not get bogged down with how we see it. as it leads us away from what we should be doing in Jesus name.

What will be will be, whether we get it right or wrong, and Jesus has already told us that he will be with us unitl the end of age.

Romans 8:31

New International Version (NIV)

More Than Conquerors
31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

We are told not to worry

Matthew 6:25

New International Version (NIV)

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

John 14:1-4

New International Version (NIV)

1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. 2 My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. 4 You know the way to the place where I am going.”

We are told to live in peace and harmony with each other

Hebrews 12:14

New International Version (NIV)

14 Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

So I personally am not entering into discussion regarding the RAPTURE as I have more important things to be getting on with, but I thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject which has been very helpful to me.


Yours in Jesus


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hopefully last reply to rapture imput to Mary Ann  From: derek leslie 11 Oct 2011 (18:53)
Has I said above in my last input above. I will not keep entering into replying with answers again in this blog. As it will go on and on.
but i have given a reply, answer,to you, what wrath means in my blog (are you ready for the tribulation) in task Jesus.
And even though I have extended you Christian love and friendship. And was looking forward to an intelligent discussion about the
Scriptures. Its seems that you are unable to control your underlining aggressive attitude, because I don\'t agree with you.
I am sure that anyone reading your reply\'s, that this stands out plainly to see. You are unable to beg to differ in Christian love.and your reply\'s are full of aggression.
You should really try to control your emotions.
I shall at a later date, do a in depth blog in full, with scriptures explaining why many do not believe in the pre Rapture.
To be fair, I shall include the scriptures which are used to support your view as well.
Then people will read for them selves the word of God. And be able to make up there own minds. This is the best way.read the bible.
Don\'t take my opinion or yours Marry Ann, or anyone else. Let the bible speak for its self.
I was going to forget about doing this because so many like the idea of a pre rapture, and wont do a honest deep study of What the bible says about it. And they have fixed, closed minds.
But on seeing the short video I posted in links that I put in http:// www.itiswritten.com/television#episodes/1222
I never realised that the pre trib doctrine Can also be dangerous. I would advise all to see that video and go to links and take a look.
I am only inputting about the rapture to make people THINK. Study, Because it is important. Its wrong to have something which Is not supported fully by scripture taught. Now it is controversial, but people should seek the truth.
Study both sides of the opinions. If some one comes to your church with a teaching, we are always told to check what they say with the bible. If its not there we should dismiss it.
So its only to make us really think hard and not to impose my view. What can we do, keep quite, just to keep from upsetting those who believe and influence others to believe in something which may not be true.?
Once again we should be able to beg to differ in Christian love.
And I still have love for you in Jesus.
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Derek- Gods wrath on mankind  From: maryann 12 Oct 2011 (06:41)
dear brother! - youve got it all wrong, but i asked you, what Bible interpretation do you have? its not satans wrath or anger in Revelation, its GODS JUDGEMENT ON UNBELIEVING ISRAEL but also on all unbelievers. JESUS TOOK OUR JUDGEMENT, SO WE WILL NOT BE IN THE TRIBULATION PERIOD OF 7 YRS, WE WILL BE RAPTURED, We will then be in heaven with Jesus and stand before HIM to get our rewards for what we have done for HIM according to HIS call on our lives. 3 series of 7 judgements will go on the earth while we are gone - a man of \"peace\" will come in on the arena to make a peace treaty with Israel - this will happen in the 1st 3 yr period, then he will change character and turn from being a very charismatic man to a horrible dictator, the worst ever...this is the antichrist , WE , who are raptured will not see him or know who he is, so we can stop using our energy to figure that one out...Antichrist will then take controll of the temple in Jerusalem, and call himself God \"abomination of desolation\" ...that is when the people on earth will have to take the mark 666....it is at that time \"Israel\" wakes up and understands that they have been tricked........The 12 tribes of Israel..144.000 ...will be the \"missionaries\" during that period which will be the worst ever in all history, All those who become christians during the tribulation yrs, will most probably be matyred , get there heads chopped off etc.they have to die for their faith.........but it doesnt matter, cause they will meet us in heaven when they die, cause at the end of the 7 yr.period we will be celebrating the wedding feast of The Lamb..and all the saints will be there!!! and then we will go back to earth on our white horses with Jesus as our leader...as last entry to the battle of Armegeddon at Megiddo. All unbeleivers are slain and satan is thrown into the pit, that is when the millinium will start....there are some who will surviveduring the war at the end, those who have accepted Christ, and they will go into the millinium in their natural bodies, as we, who have been raptured, will have a ressurected body, so there will be 2 kinds of people in the millinium period....

You must remember that when the rapture happens, The Holy spirit will leave earth..............God will then speak to men individually as HE did in the Old Testament, and also through the saved in Israel.
WE have a wonderful future, so we need not fear tomorrow, but of course things are all getting set for the stage now, and we see it happening all around us...God says so in His Word, HE says, \"when you see these things come to pass, look up, for your redemption draweth night\" \"I will keep you from the hour of trial that comes upon the earth\".
And then remember again, satan has no more power than God allows, and the reason why satan has power is that the hearts of men are evil, not respecting God and His Word, therefore the demonic spirits go into man and they become evil.............

PS! i can send you a good dvd on the end times if you want ...it would be good for you and very interesting.
Look up brother, YOU are not going to go through the tribulation yrs of 7 yrs.....although we have tribulations now and many have much more and all the time, but the rapture can happen any time, so we must be ready at all times and hear what THE SPIRIT is telling to the churches........and be soul winners.......doing good where and when we can in Jesus name...to HIM be the glory - AMEN!

nice responce Mary Ann. lets agree to disagree in love  From: derek leslie 12 Oct 2011 (18:32)
Thanks Mary Ann, that\'s the kind of response I was looking for. That has done my heart good. To exchange views Without anyone getting really aggressive in words, I did pray for that.
But I pray, that you will allow me that at this moment in time to disagree with you About a pre rapture.
And I pray that you will allow us to agree to disagree. I know that its a very sensitive area when people don\'t always agree with something that someone thinks so strongly about.
So I am sorry if I caused you in any way to get worked up. I do understand. Its a human reaction.
I will now restudy very deeply, I have much more to research. I have found something that will be very hard for a pre rapture Theology to explain. But I am going to leave it alone for the time been, one reason is because its upsetting some.
And also I need time to study and compile and get all the scriptures together. Has I said, for and againts
Then I will probably input more later. And I am sure that then, you will get back to me.
But as I said, if I do find that I am incorrect about anything I will certainly admit it openly.
By the way, some of what you explained about the tribulation in your last input above is correct. Except for the pre rapture bit.
And also you seem to have got some other parts of what happens, a bit mixed up with what the bible says happens. (I do not mean the pre rapture bit but the events has they happen) I could go into detail where you have it all wrong, verse and scripture. but I see no point at this time, As we will go back and forth forever.

Unfortunately I still do not think that you understand about what I said in my other reply to you, in my other blog about satans wrath been a figure of speech. About When he causes such persecution on Christians. At the start of the tribulation period.
I cant make it any clearer than I have done. If anyone reads the book of revelation it is self explanatory. (The NIV) or any version.

But for now, please let us leave it at this, that we all have our own views and are entitled to have them.
And continue to have Christian fellowship. Wait until later when I finished my study and compilation.

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derek - your last input...  From: maryann 13 Oct 2011 (06:43)
now - you are really being accusive - when we discuss something from the Bible, we can have diffr. opinions, yes - but what you write about me being aggresive etc. in your last input is def. not christian love - but i just say : God bless you! to go in with personal views of a persons character that you havnt even met or know , is just way out....... anyway, i am def. not an aggresive person, and anything what you write, but i understand what is wrong...i will pray for you! So, what you say is that all our best bible teachers in the world, John Hagee, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Charles Stanly, Benny Hinn, Michael Yousef, Adrian Rogers, not to mention , endtime specialist, Jack van Impe and dozens more, all have the wrong teachings??? and most of all all the lovely beleivers who have \"gone before\" therein my parents, who were missionaries and studied Gods Word all their life, but they all believed in pretrib....isnt is funny that you say they are wrong-+++ doesnt this ring a bell, that now in these last days, suddenly some other teachers want to teach differently?

anyway as you say, the topic is now shut down, as many think its unimportant, although i see it as very important cause its an imminent prosess that will take place soon, and everybody is intr. in their own future, e.g. if you buy an insurance , wouldnt you like to know everything about it?

God bless you !

to Tref. about diffr. views  From: maryann 13 Oct 2011 (06:57)
I agree with what you write, to a point , but you have to extinguish the diffr. of what is said by who and in what circumstances in that time. Acts 15. The disciples, Paul - concerning the Jewish customs contra to that of the Gentiles....this is on a diffr. level and can not be on the same line as of what Jesus spoke about directly to the disciples. , when Jesus gave the mission statement,to go into all the world...HE said to preach the gospel , baptize etc. The Gospel, is all of Gods Word...not just the come and be saved bit......all truth.......Salvation, (same as spanish salvacion) means to Rescue. to rescue from (death- everything that brings death) Holiness = something we get when we seek God....and become more like HIM, in obedience!

Apart from this - i just want to say im a bit shocked at the accusations i have got from derek - it seems he doesnt like others to have a diffr. viewpoint, im only intr. that the Truth abt. Gods Word is spoken. If this is going to continue, i dont think Task Jesus is a website i would want to be in......

  From: June Ritchie 13 Oct 2011 (10:06)
PEACE< LOVE AND UNITY! ALL three will win through if we let them. June

open apologies to Mary ANN  From: derek leslie 13 Oct 2011 (19:41)
Mary Ann, I offer my deepest, apologies to you. I am very, very, sorry if in any way I have offended you.
With anything I have responded with. In my last reply input etc I said I was over joyed that we could exchange without any
Animosity. I was praising you for doing that. So if you misunderstood me I am very sorry.
The last thing I would want, is too cause any ill feeling. I just wanted to have a open discussion in Christian fellowship and love.
If this subject offends you so much, I will not discuss or blog about it any more in task Jesus. No compilation of scripture to come.
Its a pity though, because it would have been very interesting for people to see both sides of the story, and be able to make up their own minds from scripture.
But unfortunately because you are so distressed by the subject. And so much so, that you are thinking of leaving the site.
That\'s the last thing I would want to happen. So I shall not write about it again. I will do this for your sake.
It is a bit off a delema for me though, because very early every morning I get awakened by scripture after scripture, that comes into my mind, To show the other side of the discussion. And when I check them in the bible it stands out so plainly. And I think does the Lord want me to share these scriptures.? So people can make there own minds up. And these scriptures are so plain and clear.
But as I said for your sake, I will not do an input with them. To show Christian love to you.
So once again sorry, lets just love each other in Jesus, beg to differ. And no more on this subject.
I pray. That you will still have correspondence with me and remain friends.
I would be nice if you accept my apologies with a reply, so that everybody can see that we can still love each other in the Lord
And yet still hold different views.
Blessing to you in Jesus. Please don\'t leave the site,it would be a big loss.

derek - rapture topic - and then apology  From: maryann 14 Oct 2011 (07:17)
Dont worry, im not mad at you, why should i be? and that you went as far as trying to describe me personally, i accept your apology for that, cause that is something we must not do, esp. on a christian webide.........anyway no hard feelings, Otherwise we are allowed to come with our diffr. point of views, without getting personal concerning the people who write them.

One thing though, youve got it all wrong about me being distressed about the subject....its my favorite subject - i love it- so i dont know how you get the point that it makes me distresssed??? maybe its you that gets distressed? Many yrs ago, when i went a yrs Bible school in Norway, the LORD put this topic heavy in my heart.....everytime HE gave me a prophecy in tongues , which was always interpreted, it was usually always about HIS coming to fetch us......actaully ive always had this in my heart right from my childhood, so i do believe that there are some topics GOD has predestined for us to minister about. I have followed a lot of teachings about the subject and will continue, I find that many people in the world are intr. in this as well, theyve heard abt. it and want to know more, so its a good subject to engage non believers in, also lukewarm christians who are focusing too much on earthly things, its a wake up call, cause no one wants to be left behind.

Waking up with lots of scriptures in your head is quite normal when you think about God all the time and want to live for HIM and come closer, i also do that all the time, often its a song in my head, and that is so wonderful...praise the LORD!
At the same time i can tell you about a friend of mine who changed her mind abt. the rapture many yrs ago. she was a happy woman before, after she started believing that the christians would be here in the trib.yrs. her personality changed....she was listn. to all kinds of prophecies from all over the world, and then she started list. to these preachers who refuse pretrib. and today she is sick, depressed, aggresive and much more...im not telling you this to prove anything, cause i dont have to prove anything in GODS WORD, cause His Word is 100% and im very peacefull abt. it....RESTING in HIM , no matter what happens, i stand on HIS WORD. and the BIBLE interprets itself.

LAST but not least, just be friends, discuss what you want and dont take it personally abt. other peoples opinions, if we have a true heart to GOD we will all be raptured pretrib even if you believe something else today....
AND also remember , all the very best Bible teachers of old , and now, believe that we are being taken up pretrib........that is something to think about.......and now , on the horizon, we can see World War 111 on the horizon, slowly dawning, but before that explodes, we will be taken up!

WHen God has set you free, you are free indeed, HIS WORD SETS US FREE, WE STAND ON SOLID GROUND!