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FORUM > Listening to God > If you have a view?

If you have a view? From: June Ritchie 06 Oct 2011 (10:27)
I was going down the list of forum items today and was struck to see that although folks are reading what is put only a small amount of us are contributing to the list and even sadder a far less number of friends are sending in their views or understandings on what has been written.
It\'s very easy to doubt the quality of what you have written here if it is met with silence from all only proud, arrogant people have no such anxieties I am not one of them. I believe in the unity of the body over God\'s word and I also believe that encouraging one another is one of the greatest powers we have from God. Communication about our souls is so important and letting one another know what the Lord is saying or showing us is vital to spiritual wellbeing in us. How else can we get confident that we are going the right way. To be corrected, counselled and respected are all necessary and all good for us. So please friends let\'s be friends and lift up one another in this way then unity will increase and the Lord will rejoice. Havea very blessed day! ALLX
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correct June not many give feedback or input so sad.  From: derek leslie 06 Oct 2011 (20:00)
This is very true and sad, you are correct June, only a few take the time to input and very, very ,few reply with a response.
One member said to me, \"its like we are wasting our time putting things in, not many read them or reply.\"
Come on members give some feed back. Even if you don\'t sometimes agree with what is written.
I have no doubt that a few will probably give me some feedback to my latest input about the Rapture.
Go on reply, I have a skin like a rhino. I don\'t fall out if you disagree with me.

If you have a view?  From: IAN POOLE 07 Oct 2011 (10:07)
Hello sister how can you say that you but unity over God\'s word? Jesus himself has establish the word off God higher then hes\'s own name just like your thoughts on what i said.

a reply to explain unity   From: June Ritchie 07 Oct 2011 (10:27)
something misconstrued here?! we unite together in Jesus Christ when we get together over Gods word whether on the PC or face to face. Not over religious doctrine but over what God has written in it. We may not all agree but as we discuss good fellowship is born. as we keep Jesus Christ centred by the Holy Ghost we can be uplifted by what one another thinks. Jesus didnt save us to knock one another down, nor to just simply object to any other opinion,
He saved us to be jointed in one another in love, when we do that over Gods word Father takes pleasure in it.
If my words of yesterday bring forth replies I rejoice in Christ.
Sharing my thoughts only not my opinions.
we all have the right to think as we like concerning the things of God and the bible. and we often all interpret it differently. Sorry, I have really no idea what you are objecting to but hope this clears it for you.