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FORUM > Listening to God > getting side tracked dampens the fire

getting side tracked dampens the fire From: David Dawson 03 Oct 2011 (13:21)
Have you ever got yourself in a situation where your affronted because someone has pushed in front of you in the queue at the shops or post office, or you see someone smoking on the bus and you come to the point \'i will have to say something\' and you cant find the opportunity or the right moment and its really annoying you..
Well I had a similar experience last week, and it was so trivial, but I still had to put my penny worth in. It was regarding the controversy over the Manchester City footballer Tevez,
For those who don\'t follow football Tevez refused to come of the subs bench and play football as requested by the manager, and the media created a kangaroo court over the incidence. In my opinion I thought they had got it wrong this incidence was discussed on radio chat shows and I tried to contact them unsuccessfully which only fed my humanistic rights of injustice. When i was passing the training ground of Man City all the media were outside trying to get the latest scoop. I stopped and I managed to speak to a TV presenter and I outlined the injustice which had been meted out to Tevez. I felt better after unloading to this guy. Beware of satans ploy of humanism it can lead you a merry dance along a different road. I spent ages trying to tell people of the rights or wrongs of things pertaining to the things of the world.. Please dont misunderstand i think its right in many instances to stand up for what is right or wrong especially where our faith is challenged or misrepresentation of the precious Word of God. As Christians we do have a voice

That evening I was going to the powerful Task Jesus monthly meeting at the Hawthorne centre in Warrington. Although my relationship with the Lord is a daily walk, He never leaves me, I was chatting to Him in prayer and asking did He want me to share any revelation from His Word,
I always like to be spiritually ready or have word just in case the Lord decides to use me in any way..
I asked the Lord was there anything He would like me to share if called upon and thinking of my day, Tevez came to mind and I thought what can that be of interest.
And as I prayed and thought it through the Holy Spirit broke through and I ended up weeping.. My Lord shown me I had become fervent over the injustice of things of the world and my over concern about the petty injustice over a footballer
[or what ever your injustice is about]

When the Holy Spirit convicted me I realised my fire and fervency to tell people about the injustice done to the Son of God Jesus Christ who was sacrificed on the CROSS FOR THE SINS OF MANKIND was not on fire;
Its the fire of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring light until the lost

Luke 12:49 I have come to send fire on the earth. And what will I do if it is already kindled?

Jer 20:9b But His Word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with holding in, and I could not stop.
Lord help me cut away all the rubbish away with your double edged sword and set it on fire,and only allow your Holy Ghost Fire to reign in me

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very apt this!  From: June Ritchie 06 Oct 2011 (10:46)
I know just what you mean David and salute you for your\' honesty it\'s helpful to see it and know it is something that affects others too. When we get caught up with injustice in the world we get passionate why? because we care!
I believe you are a very caring man who sees things and grieves over it. To you and to me that\'s not wrong but I understand what the experience taught you we sure can get too caught up in the injustices about us rather than the crucifiction vision.
The world is moving on at a speed and as it does the troubles are increasing many of which are injustices as well as persecution. How can we not be affected?
In the last year I too learned to weep and feel bad about certain things happening to others (some that I love dearly too) I can remember over the past few years an urge rising up within me to ask God to stop Me from caring so much yet inside I am so glad He doesnt do it! If we cannot hurt for people\'s hurt we are growing cold and that is a danger to any disciple. So good on ya Bro\' keep on caring and reaching out where you can for jesus sake. it\'s good to let one\'s voice be known. The lovely saying comes SHARE THE CARE! I know you do David.

hymn of love  From: David Dawson 06 Oct 2011 (22:20)
1Cor 13 is heart changing, eventually, when The Holy Spirit is working through us with these words of love and we start to manifest the fruits of the Spirit we are beginning to get to the awesome place of the agape love of Christ,
Dear friends how much the Father in Heaven loves us.

God\'s love  From: June Ritchie 07 Oct 2011 (11:02)
we are blessed indeed David to be called and chosen but now called to be faithful in spite of the forthcoming trauma of a judgement that must fall.
its great to have peace kept well in place as things start falling apart round us, its even better to be able to trust when all socially begin to panic over bad issues yet still refuse to look up. How do we reconcile it, especially if we love in that same Agape love? am learning too I am learning to accept God\'s ruling on judgement there are folks marked for destruction all around us, but we are still meant to plead for souls at every possible moment especially in times of disaster. tears come more easily these days. bless you.