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A lover of truth From: June Ritchie 26 Sep 2011 (10:01)
This is the title of my new book and many thoughts fire me up as I carry on with creating it. Firstly its not easy being a lover of truth we live in a world of white lies? and a please dont offend me arena nationally.
Yet Jesus said the gospel is an offence to those are perishing Those who are blind in whatever direction do not want to see and be made free by the truth.
Are we all become a nation of pretenders? Looking around me I find that subject holds some proof as I move among friends and acquaintances.
To constantly walk in truth does not make for popularity so we must improvise in order to keep friends etc happy?
As a gardener God shows me things of truth through the garden many times and it inspires me afresh. Today His thought was that Just as the blooms of summer there are two varieties. Either fragrance or beauty? not always both together in one plant. But a word of truth can hold fragrance and that is the truth of the gospel interpreted rightly. Beauty is different, for a word of truth to help one who is thirsty or struggling it is attractive and draws people to us when they have a need to find the truth in order to carry on SO truth when we are faithful to it can carry both beauty and fragrance for those who truly want to hear it. From the beginning of salvation I have been a searcher for truth and never cease to grasp hold of it when found. To me it means a true walk of spiritual maturity not just walking filled with my own ideas of what God wants but really making an effort to find out. The search is never in vain for those who are sincere and make that their main goal. Looking for truth is challenging and theres joy in finding it not confusion. God is not the author of confusion he is the author of truth. amen. ..
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