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Lance Lambert book From: June Ritchie 26 Sep 2011 (09:56)
Here I am in the midst of reading a truly great book by Lance Lambert a prophet of God who lives and ministers in jerusalem. The book title is;
The Eternal Purpose of God and at £9-99 it is a truly inspiring book of wonderful truths. I can say that reading I find a man who really knows the heart and mind of God and has a great talent in sharing his gems to the thirsty of soul. The book outlines many pictures of God\'s plan to show that he knows his subject and is a massive challenge to all who feel they have fully arrived.
I am finding myself challenged anew in spite of being in ministry and intent on serving God I bought the book from a Chester online bookshop but there are other sources to those who wish to buy a copy. Blessed reading makes for a fruitful life am sure you\'ll all agree! June Ritchie