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Mind pressures From: June Ritchie 29 Aug 2011 (09:20)
Derek you had passed onto me a request concerning your new forum message and I did seek to answer it because that kind of thing is not new to me.
An early morning half awake appt can happen because the mind is still quietly still and relaxed. Not fully woken up to the pressures of a new day!
God by His Spirit seems to find it easy to get through to us at that time to say what he wants to say. I can say I have had some real gems at those times of such value that I seem to cling to them for days in awe! Well at around 6a.m. this morning I was in just that position but my mind was still tired and not fully relaxed so found it difficult for me to get close? Too many pressures trying to interfere? I did endure, didnt give up and real sleep stayed away.
Instead I talked out my feelings re my position in Christ. Sought to see if I was indeed acceptable as a servant of God. Pleaded to know if my work for Him was the type to be remembered after I have gone! tried again to be still.
I was very tired in my mind but clung on and asked if I could have a heavenly song sung to me (sometimes get that angleic choirs)so lovely. Instead he gave words and music for new song to sing to Him called So High! that blessed me no end and after it quite suddenly fell asleep. I dreamt Jim and i were in a small office /shop working among papers I had my back to the doorway and was dealing with a large envelope with a manuscript in it pages of my own writing.
God entered in quietly in the image of my old employer of past days. Yet so different from him in character!! I said, Good morning sir! He said kindly, Good morning love. Then He took both of my hands in his! He led me out and across the way to another small shop/ office and was so gentle and graceful.
I said, I\'m sure you must be a good dancer, He said, I AM. We entered into the new place together and jim quietly followed then He left and I woke up with the chorus words on my mind, ; I danced with the fishermen for James and John, they came with me and the dance went on. ; While I lay there thinking of all that passed I had a vision He came to me again and gave me a small square plantpot with a plant of small flowers in it then left again. Something new in the wind I am sure. Hope you enjoy this it really takes stickability but the fellowship with God in still hours is worth it. Keep listening He will speak and you\'ll hear lovely things!

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