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help, feedback please, hearing God. From: derek leslie 28 Aug 2011 (16:27)
Had a experience this mourning that I have never had before. Has anyone any advise about this,
This mourning I was semi awakening from my dreams. Not fully in deep sleep. Not fully awake either.
I have been asking the Lord to hear his voice clearly. I have asked on and off for years.
Some people ear his voice audibly in their ears, but this is very rare.
The Lord has spoken to me in the past, in dreams very clearly. And by speaking to me from the bible and books.
Mainly by a inner knowledge without any words.sometimes words thoughts, have come into my mind, which have been from the lord.
But mainly by inner knowledge in my spirit.
Lately I have had this inner spiritual input about something, and I have spoken it out to the person concerned.
It overwhelmed me when I spoke, and it made me weep.
I thank God that what I spoke out came true. I was upset at first because its so bad to speak out If I does not come true.
I thought to myself, what if it was only my own thoughts what I wanted to come to pass.
I decided not to do it again, but keep it to my self. Just in case.
Perhaps the wisest thing to do is to say, I think this is what the Lord is saying.
Anyway back to this AM. As I was in this semi sleep but still asleep.
A voice clear as day, spoke loud and so clear in my head. Nor audibly in my ear. It was so loud that it woke me up with a start.
It was not my own voice, thoughts. I know my own inner head voice.
It was clearly a different voice, so very loud and crystal clear. A nice clear authorative voice.
It said GOOD MOURNING DEREK. That was all he said. It was not a harsh frightening voice, it was just like a friend would speak to me.
Could this really be the lord speaking to me.? I have had words thoughts come into my head before, but it has always been my own inner voice.and I have heard the evil one but this was nothing like that.
I know we have to be careful.so time will tell. I remembered I had asked again to hear the Lord a week or so ago.
Feedback please.

  From: Colin Gunnell 28 Aug 2011 (18:32)
Sometimes when we hear about our Father speaking to His children, we are left with the impression that the message needs to be something really profound or deep, but that\'s not always the case. Sometimes He just speaks to acknowledge that He is there and wants to give His child a hug.
You are right in that time will tell - but the real test is the peace that comes with the voice. Even if the message from the Lord is a challenge - it will come with a sense of His peace.
The fact that you asked to hear from Him about a week ago, and that the voice sounded like a friend, tells me that there was a peace in that simple message - a real encouragement to any believer who hears His voice.
When Samuel heard His voice - initially it was just a calling out of \'Samuel\', but later a more fuller message came to him, and maybe He is getting you used to His voice before He speaks something deep into your life. Time will tell. But if you felt at peace and were not afraid of what you heard - then be at rest with this. Even if there isn\'t something profound to follow - I\'m sure you say good morning to your children - so why shouldn\'t He.
Keep us informed of where this goes, and see it as an encouragement from your Father. God bless you.
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Anew day?  From: June Ritchie 28 Aug 2011 (19:15)
Relax derek, God always speaks to people whose ears are open and who desire to hear His voice. He spoke to you in that way because in a state of semi sleep we are relaxed of all pressure and connect up very easily. It happens to me regularly but have learnt over the years to just recognise it and let Him say what needs to be said usually in both words and pictures. Sometimes a very relevant chorus (as it was this morning.) you have to develop your spirit ears to be finely tuned and let your mind relax from all worldly pressures and thoughts. That is why it was dpone that way. Give God time let Him chat! get in the place of listening immediatley so as not to miss out or doubt. JUnex

correct colin, and the Lord has a sense of humour  From: derek leslie 29 Aug 2011 (15:42)
You are right Colin, it does not have to be a profound spiritual word from the Lord.
The day before it happened I got out of bed and looked into a big mirror we had just put up in our bedroom. I looked into it and said \"good mourning Mr Derek\" to myself out loud .
I heard a girls voice say \"good morning Mr Derek back to me\", it was my daughter Karen in the next room laughing her head off. She said\" I have never heard anyone say good mourning to oneself before. You really crack me up dad\".
I said laughing., \"you know fully well that I am not normal,\" I told my wife Kath about it all, she said \"yes you do know that the Lord has a good sense of humour don\'t you Derek\".
That\'s why he said what he said. And you know from experience that the lord hears everything you say. He heard you the day before.
So for me that explains it. The Lord had just answered my request to hear his voice and he did it with in a humorous way.
I always wondered how the Lord hears everything we say. The an answer came to me. Because we Christians have the holy spirit inside of us, He just simply listens by his spirit. And we Christians are all are one by his spirit, so he hears us all. Also he is omnipresence. So he hears all we say, that\'s why we have to be very careful what we do say. I did a testimony about this in Task Jesus.
By the way, when the voice spoke to me, it blasted in and cut out all other thoughts dreams etc dead. I could only hear that voice
So loud and clear. And I was not afraid just woke up by it. And has I said,it was friendly like a friend.
As for peace, I am very very blessed. that since I became a Christian it is extremely rare for me to not feel a deep sense of peace
Beyond all understanding. There are times when through worry which I should not let happen, I don\'t feel it.
But if I then think on the Lord or pray. It comes back.sometimes I could cut it with a knife. I am truly blessed, I don\'t know why.

We are blessed, because He loves His children  From: Colin Gunnell 29 Aug 2011 (19:10)
Our Father loves us beyond comprehension and after responding to your message I was reminded how he used to enjoy walking in the garden with His children, and this was restored to us in Jesus.
Yesterday, as a Church we set out for a Church picnic and He showed his love for us - in that while it was raining and overcast as we set out, some of us prayed for the clouds to disperse and the day be one of warmth and happiness. In a matter of minutes, not only had it stopped raining, but the sky became clear and the sun shone on us. Why? Perhaps the ground had needed rain, but even more so He wanted to bless His children with good fellowship and we had great conversation and games amongst the hills of South Shropshire.
We were well and truly blessed, and that\'s how He is with His children.
Today, as I was out with a friend once again He blessed His children. My friend, who struggles to feel that God loves Him, turned to me as I was driving and said, \"God is here - I\'ve just seen Him and felt Him in this car\", and this was a blessing to His child who has been crying out for ages to once again experience God\'s presence - Praise Him. He is a wonderful Father.
I pray that you and your family will continue to experience the wonderful presence of His love and voice calling out to you all, and enjoy the joy of laughter as you experience Him - He loves to embrace His children.
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feedback  From: pauline Tait 10 Mar 2012 (09:21)
How did you proceed with this

I have heard an audible voice on 2 occassions first when I lost a baby and I understand how you try and talk yourself out of it as if God would speak to you like that...well why wouldn\'t He?

and again when my judgement of my son was well out of order and I reminded God to rememner my son (what arrogance) and God said very clearly


Some have asked for feedback to my input on hearing the Lords voice.  From: derek leslie 11 Mar 2012 (17:58)
Some have asked for feedback to my input on hearing the Lords voice. I have not any experience again like that one.
I don\'t think that it will happen again. But I now know that it was Jesus. But I think that he was just answering my prayer request.
And I shall not ask again, he has given me what I asked for. I only asked if I could hear him, if only once, it would satisfy me.

What has been happening though, is a deeper sense of inner knowledge about things that comes into my spirit, it is sometimes so strong that I brake Down in tears. Not words, just a full knowing about something without words. Mostly things that will happen. This seems to be happening more often as of late. Up to know they have all come true.
So I am more than pleased with this gift. And don\'t need the external voice, perhaps I just wanted that because others have heard him audibly. And I Also wanted the experience. But his answer to my request was enough for me.
I would like to hear him again. But that is up to the Lord.

Thinking back many years ago I did hear a voice in my head but it was nothing like what happened that mourning, which I believe was Jesus. ( see my above input at the top of page)
But I believe the time before was God the father, I was driving past a big wall poster advertisement on a wall.
I think it was trying to sell a newspaper (cant remember) it showed a picture of some atrocity to a child and the wicked things that were happening. I thought to myself that\'s bad. And then suddenly a loud booming very authorative voice. Very, very, extremely authorative.
Came into my head. He said YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET.that\'s all he said.
It really shook me.
It reminded me of how the Hebrews were so frightened by Gods voice when he once spoke to them, they could not bear it.
He was was telling me with that sentence, that things were to get much worse in this world before the return of Jesus. And that\'s
Just what is happening.

replies given  From: June Ritchie 13 Mar 2012 (11:26)
I am sure you have a good reason for bringing this issue back into life.(noted that the date was Aug 2011.) I am sure that MaryAnn\'s words will be helpful in the matter and hopefully my own too in my reply to her. I find hearing the voice of God is marvellous thing and all should desire it. But we should also be able to recognise it as something out of the ordinary. God loves us so why shouldn\'t he speak to His precious children. The bible is such a great way to be guided by God and the more we love it and cling to it the more we are released to hear God when He speaks to us. Just as with jesus His words are truth and life!
they reveal truth and bring renewed life. We have to feed continually on the Godhead daily in order to walk in the kingdom of heaven. We must learn how to be always tuned into the right station? Then we stay on the right path and are blessed as we do so. Mary Ann is right in that our choice of friends are important to us simply because they can carry a cost in godliness.
There are warnings in pauls letters concerning the danger that constant questionings from those about us can be a hindrance, rather than a help.
Better to have few friends then than bad ones. But God has a way of stripping those from us. Keep on listening you will hear good things if you do. Its all about hearing and recognition! Junex