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FORUM > Listening to God > The Spirit\'s leading us in to discernment

The Spirit\'s leading us in to discernment From: Colin Gunnell 27 Aug 2011 (18:01)
When we read anything; listen to anything; observe anything or live anything - how do we discern what is right or wrong?
Today I\'ve been doing some exploring - looking onine at comments on various books and leaders within the World of Christendom, and I\'ve been amazed at just how different peoples\' views might be on a particular person or subject.
I know that on any given day I can either approach a situation with a heart full of criticism, or a heart that is willing to say, \"Spirit, lead me into the truth - please filter out the dirt, so that I might see your beauty shining through!\"
I remember a time when a whole season of Bible study was focussed on 1 Corinthians, just so that the group could focus on the work of the counterfeit and discount another fellowship that believed in the Baptism in the Spirit. It was only after a process of the Lord\'s shaking of my heart that I began to see how the enemy had crept into our thinking, so as to stop us from truly experiencing a move of God in our lives - and we had been deceived. Why - because what we studied was based on fear and not prepared to be delighted by the Lord, and we adopted religious teaching that the enemy had sought us to adopt - so that he could kill the Spirit of God within us. Yet, we thought we were right!
If we go to a book; preacher or situation with a heart determined to find fault - then the enemy will highlight that fault to us. On the other hand, if we go with a heart open to the Spirit\'s leading - not only will He protect us from the dirt, but He will also throw His light into our hearts.
I\'ve known people I had a lot of respect for get caught up with the criticism of the enemies deception - disguised as truth. I\'ve been there myself, and don\'t want to walk into the enemies trap again.
It\'s interesting that the Body of Christ has been always quick to criticise the Move of God through writers; leaders and situations. The biggest critics of revival have come from within the Church, and not from the people who have not come into the knowledge of His amazing love.
Please, let us be people who go to His Spirit and ask Him to point the way, and not rely on those who have deliberately set out to find fault - we can all find fault with anything (including the Bible), if we try hard enough.

Iffy books?  From: June Ritchie 28 Aug 2011 (14:29)
there need not be mixed feelings on any book unless it has become birthed out of the mind of a person rather than out of the person\'s totally scriptural view.
Fantasy is an enemy of God no matter how well placed, it is in religion or the faith of men. Our faith is to be fixed on what the bible says not what we think it may mean or to to try and present it in a more realistic picture for reasons of our own? (saleable for instance) Christian writers have a responsibility before God to put the truth in a book as it stands using the Holy Ghost to clarify and create a healthy picture. I have a bookcase full of Christian books and one or two presented to me as fictional works depicting \'the fAITH\' as they see it. These I began and never finished I will not afflict them on anyone else but will remove them when I see fit. I dont want shocking into submission nor do I as an author myself want to create any picture outside of God\'s imagination that can cause such mixed reviews from disciples. Presenting God\'s truth as we see it and as it is is a definite must! the last thing I would want to do is to knock the work of others! Be shaky work for me as a long term writer but folks it is time to discern and divide truth of Gods word fromn mens truth as they see it. If I had ever received such mixed reviews for any of my presented works I would be breaking my heart and looking for answers. Thank God I look for all my answers from the Spirit of God and not from the imagination of any other saint. Having read the reviews I am glad this is not on my shelf. But if that sounds harsh I am very sorry but we dont need to follow the imaginationary views of another. No matter how well trained we are in theology We are endeavouring to live as disciples by the word of God . There\'s excitement enough there. Thank God for well trained teachers while staying cautious on anything else. bless all!
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  From: June Ritchie 28 Aug 2011 (19:29)
We discern by the Holy Spirit through the scriptures and not through the ideas of any writer including myself. its easy to find truth if you look to God for it and its easy to pound folks for an opinion that seems too brisk as well.
My reading and writing is extensive I dont pretend to know it all by any means but my trust in my bible training and in the Holy Ghost are all I need to be cautious on certain areas. I would be upset to feel anyone would think I could criticise a work of God and my bookshelves are full of many writers but mostly bible based I cannot apologise for that. it keeps me on a straight path and out of danger. I believe it is our divine right to warn and exhort even paul recommends it. And no I\'m not a Paul but after 41 yrs in the gospel believe I can speak truth and recommend it to others. I reiterate if you are reading a book you have mixed feeling over in your spirit put it down and either seek God examin e it in the light of Gods word and/ or find another that feels spiritually comfortable. But the truth should always make our spirits feel comfortable I hope aLL can see that I\'m definitley not out to offend or be bombastic. just believe in speaking straight truths with the help of God.