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The Dream From: Colin Gunnell 17 Aug 2011 (13:23)
I\'m not a person who usually remembers a dream, but when I do it usually has some significance - either on a personal level or on a higher level. This dream is one such dream - that I believe falls into both categories, but more so the latter - so I share it in the hope of others gaining insight from what I saw. It occurred about a year ago, but the memories of it are still very vivid: -

In the dream, I enter what appears to be a Garden Centre - but not all is as it seems. There are trellis tables set up and all is dusty. Arrayed across the tables are old gardening tools that have seen a better day, and there are people mingling around the tables looking at them - contemplating buying them.
My eyes are then drawn to a sales supervisor, who is in conversation with a manager. I overhear the manager telling the supervisor that he needs to bully his staff in order to keep on top of them, and get them working properly. My heart is disturbed by this, so after the manager has left I encourage the supervisor that if he really wants to get them working he should use kind and encouraging words.
Straight away, my eyes are then drawn to a doorway. I approach and enter the doorway and am aware that I\'m carrying two very awkward rolled-up parasols under my arm which seem to have a mind of their own.
I\'m then very aware of cages and tanks all around me with an array of animals and birds. The area, like the first room is covered with dust. I\'m particularly drawn to one cage, in which there appears to be a small dark cave.
As I approach the cage, a small squat bird appears - with the size and colour of a wren, but the beak of a nightjar (large and wide, with dark feathers surrounding it). The bird is speaking to me in a deep gruff voice. I can\'t remember what it was saying, but remember that the voice was like the voice of a human.
As I look around, there\'s an assistant who tells me that they are looking after these animals and birds from a place that has closed down.
I continue walking through the room and see a window which overlooks a field with yet more animals of all shapes and sizes living there.
As I pass the window, I see ahead a large oblong opening in the wall - it\'s like a balcony opening surrounded with brick.
As I look through this opening, I see another field. I see two animals contending with each other - head on and trying to intimidate each other. One of these is a lioness and she is facing this large black leathery hideous looking scorpion. They are eye to eye, but keeping a respectable distance from each other. From my perspective I can see that the scorpion has lost it\'s sting, and only a black stub remains. However, the lioness cannot see this, and behaves as if the scorpion is still fully armed.
The two are moving, but in circles - and always facing each other. Both are contending, but no physical contact is made and no ground is gained by either side. I watch for a while, but see no change - they\'ve reached a stale mate in their battle.
I eventually leave the opening and progress out of that room down a series of corridors. These, like the rest of the place are very dusty with old artwork all along the walls - portraits and landscapes. Along these corridors I also see people, who appear like tourists - as they walk they are struggling with their baggage. I don\'t interact with these, but just observe the efforts they are making.
Eventually, the corridors lead me back into the main hall of the Garden Centre. The tables are still there, but now they are bare. It is then that I realise I\'m no longer carrying the parasols, but now have in my hand a stick, which I believe to be a walking stick.
The dream then stops.

I have received some revelation from the Lord on this dream, which I will share shortly - but I would like to hear other people\'s perceptions on this as you read through the dream. What does the Lord say to you?


seems interesting  From: June Ritchie 24 Aug 2011 (08:45)
from my early days with Daniel have worked on dreams and lived them out too often by interpretation. I requested the gift of interpretation and in a good measure received though am far from perfect in it.
Im always interested on someone elses dream and find them usually to contain great messages both for for the church and the individual. I believe our own hearts are often revealed to us in that way so that we can repent, adjust or simply be spurred on to greater deeds in God. But no I dont call myself an expert still learning the hows and whys!
can see concern for the church in general in this dream the lasting impressions of dust and old type tools, instruments, paintings all speak to me of general neglect of important things in a disciple\'s life. Christ\'s own people not moving on but remaining still and stagnant whilst they dwell on their past efforts and God\'s doings with them all gone by yet dwelled on in the now to avoid moving into a new era of useful and fruitful service. The many rooms denoting different aspects revealing how widespread this neglect is.
Dust is neglect people struggling with baggage is the sins and hindrances in their lives. I am sure you have recognised the two cumbersome brollys you youself had been carrying. And then the final thing to be released of them and in their place a walking stick. showing the Saviour\'s support as you contin ue your walk in Him. For we are called to lean on Him The Lord is our helper scripture says the walking stick is not a prop so will not be removed it will be there to lean on for all the supporting strength you need.
I would hesitate to say anything really about the two who combat though I am intrigued by it would be a sin to guess! For the church in general I see that basically its a call to clean up for all who love Christ. The dust, the sins of neglect need to be removed and the chargehand folks are discussing that only you can interpret why you react to the conversation they have but I have to say that where the body of Christ refuses the call God eventually has to deal more severely with us to bring us to a sense of our danger and show us how far we are falling. These are the last days and so tough measures needed to make us stand up and be counted . To get on with the work and to put things right in our lives to become completely sold out for God! The need in 2011 is indeed GREAT! Hope this doesnt offend brother you have my respects .
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The Dream - interpretation  From: Colin Gunnell 25 Aug 2011 (13:41)
Thanks June for your comments. I know it’s only just a week since I posted the dream online, and also that many have had trouble accessing the site – but I sense it is now time to allow others to test out the interpretation that I received for this dream: -

Our Father told me it speaks of authority.

Throughout the message – authority is at its core.

In the beginning there was a garden – a garden where we were called into being – a place where we shared His authority – a place where Adam was given the task of being in partnership with His Lord – a place that we lost in the fall of man. However, as we were protected from that garden so that we wouldn’t eat of the tree of life and live forever in a fallen condition with all its pain and loss, we moved into a place that still had beauty – a place where Jesus would restore to us His authority and His partnership with us, by being the ultimate sacrifice for us upon the Cross.
There is a garden that we can walk into by His authority and by His atonement, but very often we stand at the cross and don’t progress into that place. We read about the Kingdom; we believe in His Kingdom; but very rarely do we move into that place because we are focussed on our sins and the dust upon our lives.
It is like being in a garden centre surrounded by the flowers and animals of paradise, and only imagining what a garden is like – instead of experiencing the glories of His garden and the place of intimacy with Him.
There have been moves of His wonderful Spirit upon his people which have resulted in times of revival – when His authority has been re-discovered and poured out on the land. This is just like a gardener re-energising the soil by digging it; weeding it; and allowing it to be cultivated in such a way that a glorious sight is beheld. We look at our history and marvel at what has been, but we don’t take up the tools of faith with which to bring in His Kingdom’s rule. We look at our sins; keep returning to the cross; but do we live out His Resurrection in our Churches. We leave His authority lying on the table getting dusty while the world falls to the embrace of the enemy.
Just as bad, the church has sought to control the body of Christ and has not loved them as it should. We have a society containing broken people who won’t step inside the Church because of the way that they weren’t loved when they had been part of that body. In many places, judgement has been the sound, instead of Love. This I feel deeply in my heart – and that is probably why I step in and confront the words and condemnatory attitude of the manager. Where is Grace in his words?
The church has often controlled and manipulated its people into giving of time, finances and talents, rather than let the gentle loving grace of Jesus bring internal conviction – the Lord loves a cheerful giver, but often we’ve brought forth reluctant Christians who respond out of ‘duty’ instead of out of an intimacy with their Father that stirs their heart into Love.
In His Kingdom there is amazing promise. Like the Donkey that spoke to Balaam, there are ways in which the Lord would communicate with us, but these we’ve reduced to caged ideas – but they are still there waiting to be released. They try to communicate, but unless we stop to listen to what God might be saying in our everyday life – we will miss His voice. Celtic Christians in this land knew how to interpret the signs and listen to God through nature and through the world in which they interacted, but how often do we stop to appreciate His voice through the world about us. So we have lost the sense of awe and wonder at what He offers us that proclaims His name.
Thank you June for your comment on the parasols I was carrying. I know that they were both marriages – marriages I entered into out of fear (read my testimony), and therefore was left grappling with issues in my life that I felt I couldn’t handle. Praise the Lord, that after good Christian counselling my heart is now free of that which is passed and now I can happily walk in my Father’s authority (the authority that I carry in the dream as a stick – just as we read about the times God used sticks to signify authority).
The Lioness and the Scorpion. When I saw that in the dream and thought about it on waking, the Lord put to me a question: “What is missing from this picture?”
In a moment He supplied the answer – the Lion is missing. The Church is the ‘Bride of Christ’ – we are the Lioness of Judah. It is by knowing the Lion of Judah, we will know the authority that we have been given, and we will also know that the enemy has been overcome – ‘Where O death is your sting?’ Instead we as His Bride have become proud of our achievements; our little battles and play at being victorious – while the Lord waits for us to invite Him into the battle – knowing that with Him there is nothing impossible. The battle has been won – and we can share in that victory through the power of His Resurrection life. Did He not promise that even greater things would be accomplished by those who believe in Him – who take up His authority?
Instead, as we move through life we carry burdens that He hasn’t called us to carry; we carry the weight of our failings and sin, when He has already taken them to the cross; we live with plans and assessments of how to reach the World, when He says “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”, and we leave the Lion of Judah as a far off hope, instead of a living reality of victorious day-to-day living.
This is the baggage of life that those in the corridor were carrying – reminiscing of the past (if they were even looking at what was continued in the pictures) and juggling with the concerns of the present – mere tourists to the truths of His Kingdom.
The end of the dream is a warning – a day will come when the tools of authority will be removed – they will no longer be available, and this will herald His time.
Are we willing to re-discover His authority and His presence, because it’s an amazing place to stand? It’s a place where we encounter levels of His love that we are yet to experience.
Do we want revival and move out of the Garden Centre into His Garden, or are we happy with the Status Quo?
This is the question for His Church today. As well as warning – this dream speaks of amazing promise and hope, if we take up His authority that was given to us through His Presence poured out at Pentecost.