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HEALING THE SICK THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT N2 TO CLARIFY From: derek leslie 29 Jul 2011 (21:12)
I write this input here instead of an addition to my input, healing the work of the Holy Spirit. Because it would make my original input a bit too long.
(Please read my original input link etc)
I wanted here to explain my intention, in case I have caused a misunderstanding of my input.
In no way was I intending to show a formula how to pray For the sick. There is no formula.
I was just trying to giving advice on one way of praying for the sick. The way that the lord lead me into doing it. When I first became a Christian. It was only Later on, after attending a healing for the sick seminar,( based on John wimbers teaching.) And then after reading so many books On the subject. That I discovered that I was already doing it the same way that these people had wrote about, in their healing ministries. That they were basically praying in The same manner. I have put a list of these books in the book section.
I did say in my input, that its advantageous to feel the Holy Spirit fall down has we are praying, and to wait for that moment. I just found that to be a very helpful Thing to do. To become sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit.
But I never intended to suggest that we all have to feel anything ourselves,also the person been prayed for, for them to be healed.
Many people don\'t experience these things. Its just the way that it happens to me. I seem to be able to feel the Holy Spirit start to fall on us as we pray.
Which for me, comes in waves of power.has I have describe about in my first input. But that does not mean everybody else as to experience This in this way.. I have just found it extremely helpful to become sensitive to the presence of this healing power flowing down and doing a healing work in the person been ministered to.
Just to emphasize once again We do not have to experience anything ourselves or the person been prayed for. It can be as quick, as a simple few words of prayer.with no experiences or feelings at all.

Here are some of the effects that others have experienced in their ministries.
One common denominator is the presence of heat, warmth, on the person been prayed for.
Other effects usually on the person I have found is the same that others have experienced and wrote about in the their books.
IE, tremberling, shaking, also eyes fluttering rapidly, crying. Falling down. Great love surrounding the person. A great piece. Etc.
But these things don\'t have to happen, sometimes the person is healed without any manifestations like these at all.
Its just that experiences like these seem to usually happen.
I would also like to point out that according to what I have read, and experienced, the person been prayed for is not always healed straight away. More often than not, it takes more prayer time sessions.(Hands laid on them.) Each time the person gets a little better. Its what some call a soaked prayer. Each time the person is soaked in the Lords healing power, and it is a progression of healing.
We would all like it to be straight away. But this does not seem to be the norm. Only occasionally is it instantaneous.
For those people, they are extremely blessed.
I would recommend reading these books on healing, John Wimbers, Power Healing, and Power Evangelism and the other books I have put in links if you can get hold of them. For further study.
Above all, pray to the Lord for a healing anointing see 1 Corinthians 12 . Read all the chapter, especially verses 9, and 30
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