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Acts chapter 5 From: June Ritchie 16 Jul 2011 (10:11)
Being confined to the house with a chest bug I have made myself busy in the creation of a new book called Kingdom Citizen. the blessings of it are still ongoing as I work on it each morning till the rest of my home wakes up!
But two days ago I was most moved and struck to the heart by what the bible had to say of the adventures of the Apostles.
One of the most stunning things that happen in this chapter is the beginning when the deceitful couple keep back money from the Lord and pretend to give it all! Indeed a book could be written just on that alone. Their deceitfulness brought about their death and a great impact was felt within the whole community. NB Bad news travels fast!
Yet it was not this which had such a dramatic stir on my soul but V12-16 where we find described the impact of the apostles upon the city as a whole.
As a person blessed with an imaginative spirit I could literally see all the drama of those verses unfolding before me and what a drama it was!
To dwell on V14 and see the increasing multitudes of both men and women being added to their numbers as the power of God moved is a wonder in itself.
For after all I live in England where such things just dont happen (though they did in Billy Graham\'s tours here)
But NO! Acts 5 carries more than just successful preaching and that is what affected me so strongly so we must look at what it was that made this impact on me to put it right here in the hopes of inspiring many more friends who Know God and wait on Him.
V15-16; Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow Of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them. There came also a multitude out of the cities round about unto Jerusalem, bringing sick folks, and them which are vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed EVERY ONE.
When did you last see the sick brought out onto the streets to be healed and overshadowed by a mere man who was a disciple of Jesus? When did you last hear of so many miracles going on that surrounding towns brought in their needy people as well? My heart was grieved to think of where England is in the miracle realm and in the realm of the power of God working among us socially.
What is lacking? we are the new believers of this age and it may be the most final of finals. Yet still the streets, towns and pubs are silent no one is buzzing with comments for too little is happening in our land.!
Yet who must I blame? ME! For the power of God has not diminished or gone away.
The times are so desperate that pretty speeches will no longer do!
As we see in Acts 5 Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Are we a land of inaction where the power of God is concerned?. When we are sick other disciples rush to pray for us with no results, though we may believe God. The power and the anointing of God seems elusive and yet it shouldnt the land should be challenged by our very existence.
Are we just taking up space? what a dreadful thought! Acts 5 has to come to life afresh in our own personal lives in order to reach the unbelieving who live round about us .Acts 5 proves it is a Social Gospel! FOR ALL!
I long for it to happen here where I live will you join me and pray for it to happen where you live too??

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