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God is supernatural From: June Ritchie 09 Jul 2011 (09:26)
My life has been turned upside down for the past week with a fierce viral infection which once it came did not want to go away. The issue is that it did react quite badly overnight as well as in the daytime and that meant I began to feel exhausted and dare I say it rather desperate! Thursday night was the worst and though I attempted everything I knew how to reach God\'s intervention the hours dragged on regardless with loads of pain and discomfort.singing praises weakly but meaningly and quoting scriptures that talked of freedom and healing I still came to a very dark period when I had literally been awake for hours in [pain. Then in my moment when I could no longer endure all a scripture flashed into my mind. \" Jesus said I will not leave you comfortless I will come to you. I did repeat this to the Lord and reminded Him that it was His promise. Suddenly I must have fell asleep as dawn light began to break and there found myself situated on the great Bass Rock which is the home of 80,000 Gannets. I was on the rock with these beautiful white birds but above our heads the dawn mists were swirling I told the Lord I\'d love to rise up and fly through the mists. in a moment of time that was me in the air with my arms poutstretched flying through the swirling mists it was fascinating then the mists swiftly cleared and I was still flying about strangely enough rather like a baallet dancer with special movements But in MY BODY! It was a joy and felt so free. I asked to go up higher and Jesus granted it and I sailed through the air above the rock but all the birds did was stare as they sat. Strange that I thought. Suddenly in my rapid rise I realised I had reached a ceiling of sorts above my head but the ceiling seemed like a wired door of a cage the door was shut and I knew it was locked for he told me that was as high as I was allowed to go. I looked at it and agreed with God knowing that He was saying i had reached heaven\'s barrier that I would have to die to be able to cross into that other side for it was were heaven was busy with all it has to do for humankind.
shortly after that I was woken up with it all vivid in my mind and feeling so comforted that scripture promise had been granted to me and i was strengthened to go on. This is a true happening and I hope others will share the same kind of things that God does for them. Claiming scriptural promises is good.
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