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A WORD OF WARNING ABOUT PRAYER AND DOUBT From: derek leslie 10 Jun 2011 (16:43)
A word of warning of disbelieve and doubt. I once had a sore throat and I was walking down my road and I put my hand on my throat
And commanded it to go in Jesus name. A short time later Later When I was walking back up home I noticed that my throat was better.
But been a logical thinking man. I don\'t like to say that it was a healing from the Lord if it is not. I allowed thoughts to come into my mind. Like, Is it an answer to my prayer or coincidence ? Perhaps the cold had not really taken hold yet, and my body had defended its self naturally.
I do wish I had never had allowed those thoughts to come into my head. Within a few min\'s the pain of the throat came back with a vengeance and choose what I did pray again, and take all medicines etc. It would not go for a week or so. I really had it bad.
So that servers me right for doubting. I will never again let that happen again. I believe the Lord was teaching me a lesson.
So if whatever is wrong with you, and you pray and it goes. Don\'t ever, ever, doubt it. Or it could come back worse.
Besides what is the point of praying if when you get an answer you start to doubt it. Not much point in asking in the first place
Is there.
Having said all this we are human, and sometimes we do doubt, and the Lord knows that I am a bit of doubting Tomas.
I shouldn\'t be with all I have witnessed, but that\'s just me. I am sure that the Lord forgives me. Because he knows that I love him.

Please, please, once again I must stress that when we command a illness or anything to go in Jesus name. We must, must, in our
Prayer say that we do so in the lords power not by ours, I am confident that we Christians already know that, and would never think otherwise. But its best to include it has a statement in the prayer, preferably out loud. So anyone human listening, including the devil and his Angels. Will know that\'s its not by our power.
Also it also makes sure that the Lord knows as well. That way we wont open a door to any pride, and we are giving all the glory
To God. I say this because when we command anything, there are evil spirits and Angels listening to what we say.
Remember, that a white magician commands of God and does get results. But his power comes from the evil one.

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from June  From: June Ritchie 12 Jun 2011 (10:28)
two blind men followed jesus for quite a while enduring the push of the crowds and the complaints of the disciples because they did so. But the point was reached where Jesus allowed them to be brought before him.
How did He meet their need? By a question! \"Do you believe I can do this\"?
Yea Lord, they said, Then came the punchline from Him! \"According to your faith be it unto you\". And they went away healed. Why ? He had read their hearts and saw genuine faith there. Result? healed with changed lives.
How lovely it would be if the walk of faith was a simple one If we live constantly in God\'s word it can become so. But we ordinary folks live in a busy world and many things shout to be attended to. And as we allow ourselves to be distracted the cares of the world chip away at our faith and doubts creep in to hinder us. Life is like that. But getting strong in the Word of God and burying ourselves in His promises is a choice! Always has been! The need is greater now than its ever been and the battle of faith fiercer than ever.
To Wake up and to Rise up is now the choice we face in order to receive power from on high. May we let go of weakness and get strong enough to DO IT!
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