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Available to speak at events ~ Michael & Julie Allen From: Michael Allen 10 Jun 2011 (06:22)
Michael & Julie a dynamic couple are available to:

1. Share their testimony or provide workshop teaching from Julies book \"When your partner doesn\'t know Jesus\" They have shared their story on UBC radio, Premier Christian Radio, in churches in the West Midlands and Suffolk as well as in East Africa.

2. Michael & Julie deliver a teaching programme called Be Who You Can Be in Christ this is a liberating and practical scripture based training, aimed at releasing your latent potential and unique signature sound.

“Each of us have a unique calling and specific gifts. Many of us have past memories or sounds that hinder the release of our calling and gifting. These equipping weekends will help you engage with who you are and how to activate your unique signature sound, how to make an impact on the world around you and liberate you from mind sets that have held you back from the destiny that God has for you and you alone”.

Pastor Joe Hayes from Dudley Christian Fellowship writes

“I would like to commend to you \"Be Who You Can Be in Christ\" which is truly an equipping ministry to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Michael & Julie conduct each evening of \"Be Who You Can Be in Christ\" with excellence, presenting the biblical truth of being released in Christ to be whom God wants us to be with inspiration and passion.

Michael & Julie’s communication is both creative and innovative holding people’s attention before imparting the important truths that enable people to be whom God has designed them to be.

Michael & Julie’s love for people is without question; they know and believe there is so much more for people to obtain in Christ. They have truly motivated members of Dudley Christian Fellowship to seek more of God and realize who they are and who they can be in Christ”.

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