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I have put this in testimonies, but also in here because I think it is important
and would like feedback if any one else has found the same results by taking the authority over a illness.

I went for a little sleep in the afternoon. I felt a bit tired you can do that you know When you are retired. Take a nap when you want to. When I arose after about 1.5 hrs. I wear glasses, and I was looking out of my bedroom window without them everything seemed as it normal does without them.. I can see, but its a little blurred Without them. With them I see perfectly. I went downstairs and washed my face, to wake me up fully.
Then I put my glasses on. Now my left eye is the stronger, the best one. But I found that with this left one I could not see properly.
The side part of my vision in that one eye was distorted blurred.(only part of my eye was blurred)
So I washed my glasses many times thinking that it was due to dirt On the lens. But it did not cure the problem. It was weird I just could not get a clear vision, horrible.
I was very upset. My wife and I sat outside in the garden, she said to me that I looked as miserable as sin.
I was not a happy chap, and did not respond as I normally would. I said,\" so would you if you could not see properly.\"
I thought that I would be like it forever, something had happened To my eye. I told her I would have to go to my optician the next day as an emergency, if I could get in that is.
We don\'t appreciate anything till its taken away from us. I realized how very precious eye sight really is. It must be terrible to be blind.
I was trying to think what could have happened. I went swimming last week and swam the mile 64 lengths. I have not been to the pool
For about 20 years, this was only my second time in two weeks. I was quite pleased with myself that at 66 I still could do the mile.
It took me 1.5 hrs I took my time.
So had my eyes become stronger because I had not been using my glasses for that length of time swimming, and now my glasses were now To strong.? Or was it the mussels of my eye that had not fully come back to normal after the nap.?
Or had I developed a eye problem. I rubbed my face to free up the mussels around my eye but it did not work.
So I was worried, I did not want to go though the rest of my life with a distorted vision. Could not see the TV properly or anything like this.
So I put my hand on my eye and commanded it to return back to normal in the name of Jesus.
But nothing happened. So after a while I repeated this again and again.about 3 times. But still the same.
I was not happy. After a while about half a hour now had passed, and I was wondering what to do.
So I did the same again, I stood in my garden, held my hand over my eye again. I commanded in Jesus name for it to go back to normal. But I did it this time in a very Aggressive manner, when I took my hand away within a few moments my vision improved by about 75%. My wife asked me how my eye was, I told her it was nearly back to normal. From that time it started to improve and improve Within 15 to 20 min\'s it was back to normal fully.
I can tell you I really thanked the Lord so much. I appreciated my eye sight more now than I did before.
Now I don\'t like to say straight away that this was a miracle from the Lord. It could have been my mussels not have come back to normal after my sleep and it took time. But I have never experienced anything like it before. And because it came back nearly straight away after I commanded it to in the Lords name I am going to say that it was a healing from God.
Perhaps we should get angry at a illness and command in a very strong manner. Not simply say it weakly but with a real authority.
But we must stress in our prayer that\'s its by the Lords power not ours.

Good on ya derek  From: June Ritchie 09 Jun 2011 (21:08)
At retirement age we too often look at things like this as inevitable but God sees past our AGE and expects us to contue a walk of faith and to do that we have to use it to fight against the stuff that comes against us.
God is so gracious and His lasting kindness always looks to do us good.
Our faith in the healing anme of jesus should never fade away at 17 or 70!
Its important to be mature enough and well versed in His promises if we are we walk with an assurance that the name of jesus works and can be called on at any age. The name of Jesus even combats death if used in faith and had it proved over the years. One old lady of pushing 90 lived with daughter and son inlaw a lovely pastor. She suddenly keeled over and to all appearances was quite dead !
One of them rang for an ambulance the other prayed and commanded her to come back. She sat up just as the ambulance crew walked into the house and he words were. \"What did you bring me back for I was with Jesus!\" An astounding testimony of God\'s love but also of the fact that sometimes its best to let God choose. Another friend had a shock when she got up in the night and found her hubby down in the lounge quite dead. She was very upset rang for the ambulance but moved in faith and pleaded for his life using the name of the Lord.
NWhen no longer pleading but taking authority, he sat up and sighed and spoke to her just as the ambulance crew came into the room.
They were astonished!
I do believe the Lord uses these things for a witness to them to show them what faith can do. But also believe we can choose our time to go to join Jesus.
And sometimes its best to let Him decide for that man soon after developed Alzheimers and both suffered it for some time before the Lord took him into His heavenly home. Sometimes the grace of God is hidden but faith in Christ and His word must have its way.
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POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS.  From: derek leslie 10 Jun 2011 (16:38)
Yes June I myself have had a few a few more experiences of praying for healing\'s in the name of Jesus.
Once my father collapsed and went unconscious and was taken to hospital. Has he lay in a room in this state. the doctor went out for something, and I prayed hard over him asking the Lord to send him back. The doctor came back I went out to wait.
The doctor then came straight back out and his face showed that he was shaken. He told us in a shaking voice \" he has come back to normal.\" he clearly was in disbelieve he could not understand it.

Also we must remember that when the evil one hides inside a person and will not come out until we command him to, in the Name of Jesus.
I have experienced this a few times. There is fantastic power in the Name of Jesus.

Please, please, once again I must stress that when we command a illness or anything to go in Jesus name. We must, must, in our
Prayer say that we do so in the lords power not by ours, I am confident that we Christians already know that, and would never think otherwise. But its best to include it has a statement in the prayer, preferably out loud. So anyone human listening, including the devil and his Angels. Will know that\'s its not by our power.
Also it also makes sure that the Lord knows as well. That way we wont open a door to any pride, and we are giving all the glory
To God. I say this because when we command anything, there are evil spirits and Angels listening to what we say.
Remember, that a white magician commands of God and does get results. But his power comes from the evil one.

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