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Jesus said From: June Ritchie 26 May 2011 (11:04)
My peace I give unto you not as the world\'s peace I give unto you Isnt it amazing how many times in life these words hit home on a daily basis?
Yesterday was a day of pressure from getting up in the morning. First a trade guy to fix a new fire alarm up at 9-30am then my gardener arrived for instructions and to work at 9-55am. All that happened as I tried to finish my writings on Psalm 23! Then at 12pm my cleaner arrived for instructions while overseeing the gardener and saying what comes next! Dashing in/out while completing final chapter pages I actually found inspiring thoughts coming and was amazed and rejoicing too! Then bro in law arrived with my hubby for wood to complete a playbox so a long converse over family sickness and its concerns.
In between time to make all a cup of tea and witness to the cleaner re God and answers to prayer also Jesus converse. When all this was finally over at 2-30pm paying the bills having a late lunch and sitting in the sun awhile realised the day had gone swiftly and easily without undue stress or pressure. My balance of things never budged and Gods inner peace never left. Do we always realise how God holds up at pressured times, or is it just me that forgets jesu\'s promise of it. It would be good to hear some comments of others\' pressured days when they realise that the peace of jesu\'s promise held them up. We could then rejoice together at such grace as this.
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