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Books that inspire! From: June Ritchie 23 May 2011 (13:07)
drawn to pick up an old friend this weekend called CT Studd by Norman grubb.
there are multitudes of good literature today but its the lives of some of these old faithfuls that put adrenalin deep within my soul. what is it that inspires so much it is the excellence of their lives that calls me to try and do better! But really stirring ones like this of CT Studd bring to the heart questionings and convictions as we see through them very often just where we dont measure up either in faithfulness or in spiritual tenacity.
The quality of courage in this man was astronomical! He faced ill health and still chose to go on going on! even when under severe pressure to quit and stay comfortably at home. CT had much going for him an excellent education a rich family and still God called him out to trials and adventures that most of us never see! As seventy comes in you feel drawn towards the \'comfort zone\' but reading again the things that happened to this man makes you press on despite aches, pains and just general desire to be still. There was that much fire in him he just could not be still! Consequently China, India and regions of Africa all got Christ from CT Studd. We hear money is supposed to be scarce here in the UK but when CT was in China and came into his inheritance of thousands he gave it all away! so that his own years there in China were completely thrown on faithfulness of God in a very hostile land.No backing from a society and no wage just faith in a providing God because he gave it all to God! And here in the UK the tithe is meant to be something special? There are African preachers here now in the UK how many of them were created out of the sacrifices of Mr. Studd? amazing. Would really love to know if there are friends who have been equally inspired by such great people of the last century Folks called him a fool! am sure a lot more would tend to agree with that but not in the faith of a providing God. Been asking myself if I have the same realisation of hell and sinners that CT had. It looks greatly needed in today\'s world. Are we grown so lukewarm? If so we need to stir one another up to new and greater adventures in faith.
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