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FORUM > Listening to God > Look \'em Up!

Look \'em Up! From: June Ritchie 19 May 2011 (09:46)
My sharing on death , life and advancing age is not over it seems for still God is speaking on taking care of today in a better way.
On a visit to a garden centre we knew were passing close by a home of two distant relatives who had been close friends in our youth.
On the spur of the moment we decided tpop in not pass by! How glad I was.
My lovely coz now older and rather anxious because of a husband\'s alzheimers and a brother\'s cancer. No longer haveing a car to get on from day to day because of it. They were shocked and thrilled to see us and soon the living room rocked with laughter as we recalled our young dancing years together while sharing our family burdens. It was good to go and right to do it.
That was evident! We were waved away at the gate after promising to take them out to the family cemetry and our home as our guests.
they were unsaved folks yet felt that God was there laughing and talking with us. I watched her relax and gave plenty of hugs. Friends it humbled me for it cost me very little to go and knock at the door! how glad i am that I did it and how conscious of what God is saying today. Please understand me if I say.
If you have fallen back over time with friends or relatives from your life over the passing years. LOOK \'EM UP!
Its what Jesus wants an opportunity to show His love.
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