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FORUM > Listening to God > sudden death

sudden death From: David Dawson 17 May 2011 (20:37)
Im doing a small study on sudden deaths, what effects it has on families.
does satan bring it about, does he commission it through man\'s sin, drunk driver, murderer. etc.
as Christians can we prevent/pray against sudden deaths happening,
and where does it line up in scripture..and not folklore, rhetoric

Through the study I do have my understanding through the Word of God ie satan liar murderer, roaring lion but would be interested in anyones further knowledge or exeriences
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sudden death reply  From: June Ritchie 19 May 2011 (10:31)
Not long after becoming a disciple I went to a prayer meeting at church once there before the 7-30pm start a sudden burden fell on me to pray in the Spirit. I was in a cleft stick the meeting about to begin couldnt pray whilst pastor talked but heavy in prayer. Pastor came in and for the first time said everyone lets just worship God together. REPRIEVED! Spirit said life or death I prayed In tongues while all around me where praising loudly then floods of tears as i pleaded on.
Not knowing who in danger. suddenly Jesus turned the tears off and spoke. \'They shall see the fruits of their travail.\' I felt at peace and later left when meeting ended.
I got home to the phone ringing and answered to be told my father had died of a massive heart attack in the fifteen minutes I had been in prayer. I visted at the chapel of rest the tiny room was full of God\'s presence and looking upon him I could see Joy in his features I expected him to speak to me he looked so alive. Mum told me later as he was dying he looked up and his face grew radiant then he was gone! she was shocked at such a heavenly passing for a non church going person. I knew God always answers the prayers of the Holy Spirit I was glad I answered the calland that God made a way to do so. So if the Spirit calls you to intercede for someone Heed Him please. I know I will see dad in heaven thanks to Gods saving grace. Knowing it helped me endure the grief of a family funeral.
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sudden death - or sudden changes in life  From: maryann 20 May 2011 (08:36)
yes, i agree with you June, that God reminds us when HE wants us to interceed intensively for someone at appointed times....something just comes over you (THS) and you just have to pray , often in tears, you just know that something is going on...and afterwards you hear something did happen...and by praying, we did our job and GOD is a rewarder of all who diligently seek HIM,I do believe that GOD uses us this way when our hearts cry is to serve HIM in the right way....often in our daily \"routine\" prayers, we get disgraced at our own weakness, not sensing anything special, although we choose to believe that GOD does hear them...but then HE rewards us, by using us in this special way, at certain times, to pray intensively for someone, and that is always to the persons and our good......about \"old unsaved friends\" - visiting them, connecting , etc....its not always easy, and sometimes not the right thing to do, BUT the seeds sown, can be used , when these people are in a state of emergency, and what you have sown will benefit them in the time of need.
I have an old friend who is 85 this year, he still hasnt accepted Christ, but i know God will see him through at the end, and i pray that GOD will remind me when to pray intensively for him. GOD is good, HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

sudden death!  From: maryann 20 May 2011 (08:47)
i do also believe that \"sudden death\" is a reminder to us that we do not have authority over our own lives...GOD is the breath of life......we never know when death can come, it can come suddenly to anyone...the main thing is that we are ready for death....if we live or die, we belong to THE LORD....God is righteous, so not one sparrow falling to the ground, is unseen or unknown to HIM......even unsaved ones, have had their chances, even if we dont know about it. This life is just a short journey to prepare us for eternal life.....we hold on to this life toooooo much, living as though it were the only one.....i guess this is something we should think and talk much more about...that this life, world is not my home, im just passing through, my treasures should be stored up way beyond the blue\" !!! but, alas, we fail here so much......let us pray more intensivly that GOD wakes us up concerning this, that we give more to the Kingdom of heaven! and that we visualize the eternal kingdom more and that we preach about it more, even if people laugh at us and think us stupid......its always worth it. \"take the whole world with its worldly pleasures, i d rather have Jesus than silver or gold............\"

sudden deaths  From: David Dawson 20 May 2011 (12:37)
thank you for your excellent contribtution,
i agree, you and i know when we pray in tongues [mainly in my closet] we dont really know who or what were intercedding for we just allow the Holy SPirit to lead us, But we know when we start Glorifying and worshipping the Lord \'BOY\' can we feel His mantle fall upon us.

[ Its a place where three hours seem a minute; ps this is where good worship groups should lead the saints into the throes of His presence.
But sadly they seem afraid to carry on, haaha what are this guys missing.. pls dont get me wrong the Word should still be preached a few hours later; I feel sad for those who say i cant stay to long I\'ve got a chicken in the oven the clock watchers excuse. Whilst true worshippers in spirit and truth would say \'oops sorry burnt the chicken\' .]

In my regular prayers [haha nothings regular when we start praying but you know what i mean].

Iv\'e started standing against and binding sudden death in my prayers,

I pray this over those the Lord convicts me over. [then selfishly over my own kids and loved ones] and then all those on my prayer list and beyond where the Holy Ghost leads me
I want to say prayers in this matter that are scripture based, with the relevant scrptures i then can present His Word to the Father. like we do for our promises he made for us in His WORD ETC.Blessings
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