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learn to love life From: June Ritchie 13 May 2011 (09:53)
When you reach an over-ripe seventy you stand and suddenly realise you are more surrounded by sickness and death than you were two decades ago. It is just two years since I lost my youngest sister who had not even reached sixty and her sufferings from cancer were incredibly sad. Such moments come then that you seek Gods face to try and understand why they should go and you at an older age are left behind. Feeling sad and a little guilty because you are still here and coping with life. Now faced with a similar situation where a closest Christian friend is dying from the same awful disease you are faced again with this fact that they at a young age will soon leave and you will still be around. To cope with the loss etc. What can it tell you? but go to God again and again for His comfort and to determine to live one\'s life outwardly with care and loving kindness toward others. Life now is such a precious gift and what we do with it is important Everything we are given comes by grace alone! Thankfulness costs nothing and there is no better time in this world than to be thankful for every blessing in life that comes your\' way? To be glad I have another chance at tomorrow. To make the most of today and see the beauty and the importance of hugs in people\'s life who has never really experienced them. To love for me is to touch and to hug, to let Christ\'s love be seen for my tomorrows may be short.
Only in this way can I know my life is still greatly pleasing to Father God.
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The brevity of life is so short  From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 24 May 2011 (14:00)
The brevity of life is so very short my sister in Christ. I lost both my beloved parents in a space of just four days, yes, four days - their love for each other was unselfish pure saturated agape love. Married for 46 years with five blessed children - both were virgins (something which is very rare in marriages today or in society as a whole), and both were from very different nations and from farming backgrounds.

My wife ministered to my father who gave his life to Christ nine months before he went to be with the LORD; and I ministered to my mother who gave her life to Christ approximately five hours before she passed away. All though they were very ill, they loved life and treated everyday as a tremendous blessing - for them just to be alive for a few more weeks or months, and to see their children and grand-children growing up was a miracle blessing in itself from God.

Now I know they are at peace together forever with King Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the Kingdom of Heaven, AMEN & AMEN!!!

Thanks Danielle!  From: June Ritchie 25 May 2011 (12:13)
I know just what you mean in this kind of loss since just four weeks before my mother had passed away with a broken heart over the sufferings of her daughter with cancer As a woman with a terrible leg complaint of painful ulcers for over ten years she bore all but had been a widow for a large part of her life as dad died quite suddenly. That she coped so well is a tribute to our Father\'s love and comfort. I was amazed and humbled to know that she found the strength to kneel down every night and pray for every member of her family for despite her denominational upbringing she believed strongly in Christ and His cross. God has helped me in these things even now as my close friend aforetime mentioned has now gone to be with Jesus last weekend, yet not even sixty and in such a time of suffering. On occasions like these you cling to Jesus and find that comfort is always there. I truly found in each time of grief that God would uphold me whilst all around me would be tearful faces and sobbing souls. He truly strengthens us in our sorrows and \\His mercy is always there. Thanks for your reply and remarks they uplifted me at a painful time. At seventy years old I find myself thinking fondly of heaven knowing I will see them all again doesn\'t that encourage and spur us on!
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