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THE LORD DOES REWARD US. From: derek leslie 07 May 2011 (17:10)
I have written a responce to the link in listening to God. (the rewards of our hearts.)
i have only put this here to point to that link, because i think that it is an inportant subject.
I wish to point out that what i have written is my view, and do not wish in any way to undermine what others have written. what they have said is correct. I just felt it was right to point out not to take psalm 37 out of context.

good subject derek  From: June Ritchie 09 May 2011 (11:37)
The Lord does reward us and we enjoy reaping those rewards it\'s all about the \'measure we meet\' coming back, so sometimes the rewards for our behaviour are more of an \'OUCH\' thing! we can see it another way too in the \'labourer is worthy of his hire\'. it\'s good to know God rewards us abundantly for the good and godly things we do that should spur us on to greater, better things.
It\'s a call to go higher and deeper than before.perhaps we have to look at the subject of heavenly rewards. God gives them for a number of reasons but if we are in to good giving out of a motive to earn rewards theres a pretty poor come back because he sees the heart. If we believe jesus we see that pharisees gave to be seen of men and that was enough reward for them. But lots of books on my shelf tell me of those prior saints who gave and served with no rewards on their mind just all to be done for the love of Jesus No better reward there.
I have to see that I am rewarded according to my labours and that blessings come if i give more of myself to Him. A poor prayer life brings very few answers and if I love Him little there will be only a small amount of joy to help me on my way. To keep remembering ? God is the one who rewards us and His way of doing so is better than our own. In other words it doesnt have to always be public! Private blessings are just as good!
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