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FORUM > Listening to God > Word received 6.30am 2nd April 08 My child, write this to

Word received 6.30am 2nd April 08 My child, write this to From: Keith Evans 02 Apr 2008 (12:00)
Word received 6.30am 2nd April 08

My child, write this to my church, My beloved people.

My children, I have much to ask of you, much I require / call you to do.
I am your Lord and Saviour, your Master and your Friend.
Friends share concerns and joys with each other.
You are My friends and I love you.
Come now and listen, I have a request.
To each of you I say, “Come, take up your cross and follow Me.”
Following Me does cost, but the cost is out-weighed by much blessing.
Child of God, you are precious to Me and I love you.
I care about every detail in your life – I care about you.
I have given you an inheritance, an inheritance richer than anything man can give or even imagine.
Your inheritance comes from My throne of grace to you, from My heart to your heart.
My ‘Agent’ is the Holy Spirit.
When a loved one dies you would not hesitate to pick up your earthly inheritance –
Yet you drag your feet and are reluctant to walk in the full inheritance that is yours
through My death on the cross.
Your inheritance is your inheritance, it cannot be picked up or used by anyone else – It is solely yours.
My Agent waits for you to acknowledge your eternal, heavenly inheritance and to ask Him for it –
that you might walk in it fully and completely.
My beloved, the pattern is found in My Word, particularly in the book of Acts.
Watch and pray, ask and you will receive, for this is My plan and desire for you.
You are the only one who can walk in your inheritance.
Your inheritance is specific to you – no one else can walk your walk!
As My people, who are called by My Name, pick up and walk with their inheritance,
then, . then, . . then captives will be freed and prisoners released . . . . .
Come, surrender, inherit, walk forward in your inheritance for I am with you.