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FORUM > Listening to God > REFLECTION; God will be Glorified even thro\' the old TV

REFLECTION; God will be Glorified even thro\' the old TV From: David Dawson 26 Apr 2011 (23:14)
yes the Lord is using the TV to expose things. 3weeks ago a documentary did a piece on white Brit muslim and the cameras followed him to young aggresive muslims preaching there faith they purposely antagonised older white brits who were offended. i believe this exposed the true nature of the beast and the threat of sharia law.
Again the TV exposed mans inadequency of foretelling of natural events. On the the latter end of 2010 a earthquake hit Indonesia again, scientists , oceanologists , climatologists predicted, a tsunami wave will hit certain areas of Hawaii. all the TV crews from all over the world was in the district waiting for it to hit. The scientists calculated it would arrive at a specific time, the commentators were giving all sorts of scenario\'s, the world waited with abated breath, including me,
There was experts saying the sea level has risen by few inches and the squalls looked bigger, the time for it to arrive came and they gave it another calculation then someone realised it was wasnt coming , in fact Rhyll, North Wales had higher waves. Again man was exposed for trying to interfere in Kingdom business Our God is the Creator of Heaven and earth.

regarding derren browns exposure of healing, he and the guy he used terms as faith healing.. we dont deal with faith healing we deal with Holy Ghost Divine healing.. again satan was exposed as a wolve dressed up as sheep..

In these last days where deception is rife you should test any alleged Divine Healing and Faith Healers by testing the person to see if he is a true teacher, a true prophet, and exhibits the fruit of the Spirit. If they fail this test, no matter how spectacular the healing and no matter if it happened to you personally, get away from false teachers and false prophets. God can and still does heal with Biblical Divine Healing. If you want healing, ask the Lord. go to the Healer a man of God who is full of the fruit of the spirit. Go to the elders of your church and have them pray for you. But stay away from bogus or doubtful healing crusades especially where they want you to pay or demand large money offerings; and so called christian shaman masquerading as true men of God. Act8v9-23
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