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MIRACLES FOR SALE DERREN BROWN CH 4 From: derek leslie 26 Apr 2011 (14:32)
Did anyone watch Derren Brown last night 25.4.11. On Channel 4 miracles for sale? Never thought I would ever say this, thank God for
Derren Brown. Its about time these TV so called healers got exposed.Every Christian should see it.if you missed it I think that you can see it on the net from channel 4.
The Bible says freely you have been given, freely give.
These people want the cash and will get it by any means of deception.
I know that the downside is a negative view on Christianity as far as healing is concerned. But the truth must be heard about these people. Praise the Lord for that program.
The only bad thing was that it portrays all Christian healing\'s as a sham. There are genuine healing\'s there is the real mac \'coy.
Which I strongly believe in, and have witnessed. But sadly there is also the non genuine. Done has the program shows to make money.
Sadly many Christians think that these TV evangelists are true. I feel sorry for them to have to face the truth about some of them.
If some still won\'t accept it. Just punch in the TV evangelist name on utube to get more prove of their deception.
Some will say don\'t do that because it is just calling and pulling them down and negative.
But we must stand up for the truth even if it hurts.
I once heard one prosperity evangelist say to 1000.s in a meeting on TV. That the reason that people will come to Jesus
Is to get rich. A big new car. He said that is the glory of God. And all the people there said amen that\'s right.
I felt sick, and nearly did on my floor. We must have our eyes opened to the truth.
I welcome any feed back I wont be offended choose what you say we all have different views.and I welcome a debate in Love.

Would also like feedback on a link that I put in some time ago
http:// www.youtube.com/results?search_query=shocking+documentary+1&aq=6
Something else we should all see and be strong enough to face things.
Just a comment on this though after you have seen it. There is someone in my church that displays this kind of strange behavior
Violent Shaking of the head and screaming out in a frenzied cry. Many complain about this.
I have been very puzzled over this, has I know that she loves the lord so much and is spirit filled. I have come to the conclusion
That she just gets herself so worked up in worship that she causes this to happen in herself by a overflow.she cant contain herself and is not something demonic.
Its the only thing I can think of as a explanation. Feedback?
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MAKES YOU WONDER  From: TREFLYN JONES 27 Apr 2011 (08:51)
Thanks for putting this on the forum.


I only saw the last part of the programme when the healer (the fake) was speaking to the people at the meeting. I was at first troubled because it crossed my mind that everyone who doesn\'t understand the might and power of God could become even more sceptical. This could also apply to some Christians who are in doubt regarding the healings they hear of, but have never seen.

Having said that, Darren Brown at the end of the programme said (I am parapharasing here) that this programme was not intended to say that all Christian healing was fake or wrong. I can\'t remember exactly the words he used, but it did not go to say that he thought that healing was fake and wrong.

For over 20 years I worked as a professional entertainer. I used to do a fake hypnosis show (I know I should have known better -- don\'t go there!!), the point I am making was that I let my volunteers know it was fake, but they would still come up to me afterwards and ask me to hypnotise them again to stop them smoking. This is to say that people will happilly become involved in situations which they do not understand because of their excpected outcome.

There are those who want to appeasr to be hyper spiritual in all things and will engage in co-operating with the expected outcome, they will create their own understanding of what is and has happened.

When healing occurs through prayer, the Holy Spirit is in control, we cannot operate in our own power. I have prayed for people to be healed and they are still waiting for the healing to manifest, other I have prayed for have been healed, thanks to God.

Darren Brown did a good thing here in exposing these fakes, we must work in co-operating with the Holy Spirit at all times. Praise God

Treflyn Jones

I sent you a reply a long one!  From: June Ritchie 29 Apr 2011 (11:17)
I sent you a reply based on my own experience etc derek and again was denied entry to send it because it claimed i was not amember which i am of course so sorry it would have helped you I think. June Ritchie e mail me will send it to you. Both subjects you brought up have a biblical answer but second one has a life answer too. E mail me for it please at t
Even when living for Jesus our past can reflect in our present and we all need to realise it in order to deal with it with help from mature folks. It\'s a painful fact and not all of God\'s family want to see it Pray for discernment it reveals the truth and is a Spirit gift I think your spirit is already receiving it but must be developed more.
Bible tells us that all should be decent and in order? So why should such things be allowed to interrupt or interfere with worship which is meant to be holy. If my mind is holy at that moment my emotions should be holy too and used in accordance with the word of God. We do not worship to be noticed but to honour God . If my attitude towards worship disturbs my brothers and sisters I am not moving in love or wisdom. Worship is when I feel the presence of God and that is when His holiness should envelop me in His peace. Not just peacefulness but restful too. Not agonising in any way but resting as a restored soul in jesus. June
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request for comeback derek  From: June Ritchie 04 May 2011 (11:26)
have come across this kind of worship behaviour a lot of times and have to say a large amount of it is caused by those who love to draw attention to themselves some are even deceived into thinking it is a greater depth od spirituality is they stand out but we are not meant to stand out as worshipping individuals obnly as a worshipping body in holiness flooding the church with God\'s restful and glorious presence Immature people love the attention it brings not realising it as damaging to themselves in reputation Plead the blood at those times and treat such things with more caution thats my advice.

thank you for responce to strange behavour in church  From: derek leslie 05 May 2011 (17:39)
thank you June for your feedback, taking the time to respond.
and i agree that sometimes it is people who are wanting to make a show etc.
but in my experiance it seems that this behavour is that they are not able to control what they are doing. they look as if out of control and something
else is taking them over. the violent head shaking, and screaming, body jerking, is shocking to see and very disturbing. the link i put in as two parts to it. we need to see both.