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FORUM > Listening to God > once saved always saved that is the question

once saved always saved that is the question From: derek leslie 25 Apr 2011 (18:28)
the question of eternal security, once saved always saved, has come up again in forums. causeing some to even fall out over it.which in the blog christians fighting each other is so clearly wrong to do so.we should be able in love to have a discussion on matters and simply beg to differ etc. i have put a responce in the blog to agree with this.
so in love only, i would like to point again to a link
http:// www.pfrs.org/osas/index.html that i once put in links for members to read. the frist page on the site is a bit deep long. its telling the history how
once saved always saved started. but if you click on the left hand side menue
you get some really good info. example apostasy in hebrews 6:verse 4-12
and hebrews 10:verse 26-39 also 2 peter 2:verse 18-22.also many more
we should all read these scriptures and think hard.
for a deep study read all links menue down the left side of this site. I have found it very good and worth the vist.
I pray that this input is taken in love. if you dont agree with the site or me.
let us still love each other and agree to disagree.
I like a site that goes into depth on how these teachings come into been
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Hi mate  From: IAN POOLE 30 Apr 2011 (22:17)
May i say even if no-one agrees with you or ur link,My wole piont is that no mater wat i believe or wat u believe we still should love eachother. IS THAT BEING DONE?

I really do pray that we do.  From: derek leslie 01 May 2011 (14:06)
I do hope so Ian. It is with me. I dont fall out with others if they dont agree with me. I just tell them the truth has I believe it to be. but I still do love them in Jesus. they will believe what they want to believe. that is between them and the Lord, not between them and me. besides I may be wrong. we all have to
admit that. who of us has all the correct answers? I dont.
Does anybody know of someone who does ?. (apart from the Lord).
but let us just beg to differ and still love each other.