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Working Through The Tension Passage Of the Day: “You From: Justin Thomas Gregory 24 Mar 2008 (12:00)
Working Through The Tension

Passage Of the Day:

“Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrong.
Why then do you tolerate the treacherous?
Why are you silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves?”

Habakkuk 1:3 (New King James Version)

Insight - Application & Encouragement

Habakkuk is a prophet in the Old Testament who asks God some difficult questions. From Habakkuk’s perspective God appears to be silent- ignoring the injustice and cruelty of the Babylonians. The prophet can’t wait any longer, and he asks God why this is happening and how long will it last. God’s answers are not easy to accept- He is actually raising up the Babylonians to discipline the Israelites. God’s reassurance to Habakkuk is that the Babylonians are still accountable to Him and will be punished for any wrongdoings.

In The Tension:
Habakkuk does not avoid the tension of the issues in his life and faith. Let’s take a closer look at how he proceeds through these challenges with God:
1) Starts with a question: It is honest, and it goes directly to God (1:2-4)
2) Adds another question: God’s reply does not make sense to Habakkuk, in fact he is even more confused now. He needs further clarification. Sometimes when we seek God, His answers don’t make sense to us at first. (1:12-17)
3) Takes time to process what God has said: Look at some of God’s statements in this book- they are worthy of extended reflection (1:5, 2:2, 2:4, 2:14, 2:20).
4) Remains dissatisfied in the right way: Habakkuk begins to pray for God to work amongst the people because the prophet now sees the seriousness of their rebellion. Habakkuk does not want the status quo or the coming wrath. He prays for mercy and for changes (3:2).
5) Learns contentment in God: Habakkuk makes a decision to praise God and rely on God’s strength through the difficulties. He remembers that blessings are a gift, not a right. And he remembers who is still worthy of his praise. He can only arrive at this place spiritually because he has walked through this process with God (3:16-19).

Have you ever wanted to ask God why something is happening or how long it will last?
Does God give any answers in the Bible that are difficult to accept?
What are some of the ways you can follow Habakkuk’s example in your own life?
Are there any questions that are not good to ask God? Why?
What stops you from being honest with God?
Have you ever really wrestled in prayer?
What areas of your life right now are you working through some tension? How is it going?
How have you grown through struggles in your faith?

Habakkuk 1:1-3:19 Read the book of Habakkuk and write down verses that stand out to you.
Genesis 32:22-32; Job 40:1-5; Acts 1:1-11; Deuteronomy 29:29, Psalm 25:14.

from JC-TV Daily Devotion Page