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Daily Views on what\'s happening in God\'s World From: Mike 04 Dec 2010 (12:45)
I suppose there will be those who feel this would be more suited to a Twitter or Blog type posting, however, I think it might serve to help us get to know each other better, here on \'Task Jesus\' Forum; and to hopefully alert us to those things we should be praying for. Just add your views on the latest news.

Well, what a right old pallarva this World Cup venue selection turned out to be. Allegations flying around of all kinds of underhanded shenanegans going on. I know it\'s dissappointing for the English not to have the English bid selected. [In all things political I claim my right to Manx citizenship and thereby avoid any accusations of bias] A little like a child at Christmas not getting what they hoped to receive on Christmas morning, but as Christians, we place our values in much wealthier values. We can look around us and, provided you are a footy fan, be grateful for the Football structures that are in place in this motherland of the game. It will be good for Quatar to host the World Cup, especially as they will have to work so hard to get their own infrastructure in place to accommodae the games. Football does unite the world\'s nations in a way that other efforts have failed. I hope and pray the game will also have its positive influences in Russia for the 2018 World Cup.

I did ponder on the idea that had the English bid have succeeded, what a marvelous opportunity it would have been for a Christian witness during the tournament. Still, we must be magnanimous in defeat and let the world know, we can be as big in defeat as in success.

Once again, after listening yesterday to the horrific news of the man who cruelly abused a small child, as in the baby P case, I am left with the strongest belief that Demonic possession is not something that was exclusive to the New Testament times, but sadly, is very much abounding in Society today. As Christians we must pray against such Demonic influences in the world we live in. As I listened to the abridged accounts of this particular case, my heart wept at the thought of such cruelty against a defenceless child. However, I wonder how many of us would consider the daily cruelty brought to bear by the Devil on the millions of defenceless unbelievers. Because, as unbelievers, that is what they are. Absolutely defenceless and open to all the horrendous schemes of the evil ones. I would find it incompehensible that the people who carry out such acts of cruelty on the vulnerable do not at some time live with amazing pangs of guilt. A guilt that our Lord Jesus died for and they need to know. Our prayers must go out for the parents of that little child who died at the hands of his abuser. Lord - in your mercy!
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