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FORUM > Other > Towards A Judicial System acceptable to Christians

Towards A Judicial System acceptable to Christians From: Alex Ross 19 Nov 2010 (14:45)
I have read David\'s comments on his post in which he said that \"At the Christian Legal Centre we are very disappointed to inform you that Dr Sheila Matthews’ case for religious discrimination was rejected yesterday\".

I believe that the unpopularity of the judicial system in Britain arises mainly from the fact that judges are appointed by the Queen and cannot be removed regardless of how incompetent or corrupt they are.
There are few cases in which judges have been removed for BLATENT corruption but it has happened.
The page at:


explains that \"The \'Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice\' can remove circuit judges and Recorders from office for incapacity or misbehaviour, failure to comply with training or sitting requirements, or sustained failure to observe the standards reasonably expected of a judge\".

It so happens that Jack Straw is the present Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.

I believe that the disapproval of the Christian church ought to be directed in his direction!
Now before I go further I should get better acquainted with the facts but that is my view at the moment and I hope members here can give me the benefits of their views.

Magistrates have a much better system in which a panel of their own peers can dismiss a magistrate.
It beggars belief that a judge can act so irresponsibly and with contempt for the people that he is sitting in judgement over.
I believe that judges should not bring British justice into disrepute as they do with such cases as this.
If a panel of peers is not appoint to supervise judges with the power to dismiss them then I would support Jack Straw in having a wider authority and be given greater powers to act effectively in such cases.
\"Righteousness exalts a nation...\"
P.S. I have started a new thread as I would like the benefit of having the rest of the church
seek God\'s guidance on this matter.

HI Alex  From: Chris Basson 20 Nov 2010 (18:49)
A really good report, very informative
Thanks for this.

Every Blessing